Tiger Woods: I did not think about disqualifying myself

Tiger Woods drop

Tiger Woods admitted after shooting a 70 in the third round of the Masters Saturday that the controversy over his improper drop distracted him, but he did not consider disqualifying himself.

Woods spoke with CBS’ Bill Macatee following his third round and said it wasn’t until Saturday morning that he learned there might be an issue with the drop he took on the 15th hole Friday. Macatee asked if Tiger thought about disqualifying himself for signing an incorrect scorecard, but he said he did not.

“No, because under the rules of golf I’m abiding by the rules,” Woods answered. “They made the determination that nothing had happened yesterday. After what I had said, things changed and they called me in this morning and I got a two-shot penalty.”

Macatee asked Woods if he felt the two-shot penalty was fair, and he said yes.

“Absolutely. I made a mistake. Under the rules of golf, I took an improper drop and got the penalty.”

Woods also admitted that the controversy distracted him.

“Well, it was certainly a distraction early with the routine, but like anything it happens and you move on. I was ready to play come gametime.”

The Augusta National competition committee said disqualification wasn’t even being considered for Woods. Tiger said earlier in the day that he didn’t knowingly break a rule, which is why the committee felt a disqualification would be unfair. Woods is four shots behind co-leaders Angel Cabrera and Brandt Snedeker entering the final round.

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  • Gerald Falkenstein

    Does anyone of his moron followers think this was the first time he cheated, and I don’t mean on his x wife, Or is this the first time he was caught cheating at golf or the first time he was punished for cheating.
    Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  • Goodforall

    He is the king of cheaters-he knew exactly what he did was wrong. The Masters did too-they saw the drop and knew it was illegal but at first decided to do nothing until he opened his pie hole and admitted he dropped two yards back. These Tiger worshipers and fall on their knees all they want-but people who know the rules understand that the Masters was wrong for not DQing this guy. Pretty damn sad!

  • dougx

    The funny part is Tiger told on himself during the espn interview. The tournament officials had already swept it under the rug and ignored the fan’s phone call. After Tiger admitted it, they had to penalize him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002421377526 Jack Williams

    This certainly tarnishes the Masters as the pinnacle of golf. If the so-called Rules Committee can so blatantly ignore the rules of golf, then what will weekend hackers take away from this: rules are conditional and not mandatory. Now we have the Mulligan, and The Tiger exceptions.

  • roger

    Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. Arod, Arod, Arod. Lebron, Lebron, Lebron. You know folks, there are alot of other golfers, baseball players and basketball players, but I guess they don’t sell as much soap…

  • roger

    The mulligan is a light hearted Scottish exception. The Tiger is a weak kneed politically correct, affirmative action, racial exeception…

  • roger

    Didn’t want to be called racists, but then got stuck…

  • Steve Grogan

    that’s right .dumb it down..like we always do…curve the scores, add the points,..same thing we do so the “opressed” can have a fair chance

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1285084356 Mark Grudt

    …and Tiger doesn’t plan on withdrawing himself from Lindsey either….Watch out for those STD’s