Tiger Woods Is Just Incredible

I’ll admit it, I don’t know too much about golf. I don’t play it, I don’t watch it but for the highlights, and I have a limited knowledge of the history of the game. But there is one thing I do know: Tiger Woods is incredible. The domination by this guy is amazing. Every time he’s involved in a tournament lately, he’s winning. Five straight PGA Tour wins, seven straight wins worldwide? That’s not exactly easy when you’re going through the equivalent of an 128-team tournament every single time. There’s a lot left up to chance that Tiger will have off-days, or one of the other hundred-something golfers will be completely on. But Tiger’s able to find a way to win, and he’s even come back like he did at Bay Hill this weekend.

The best part about Tiger, and what makes me truly respect the man, is his comments after his wins recently. He constantly preaches hard work and talks about his time in the gym and on the course practicing. He’s talked about improving his game in the off-season despite already being the best player in the world. He always wants to get better, no matter how large the gap is between him and his competition. He understands the difference between good and great, and he strives to be the very best. I really don’t see how you can dislike a guy like Tiger. He represents some of the greatest qualities you could possibly want to impart on your children; respect for the game, humility, hard work, a killer-instinct, and a winner’s attitude. The dude is just awesome.

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  • Brandon

    You know i am a golf fan, and avid golfer myself, so you would expect a comment from me on this. I have a respect for pro golfers, the sport is brutally hard. I am allright at the game, i can play a little. What those guys can do with a golf ball almost defys physics. Saying that, tiger is on another planet, when he wants to be. What tiger can do with the ball, and how hard he can concentrate and how good he can play defies anything that anyone knows about the game. No one should be as good as him, no one should be able to do the things that he does. He humbles the game, the game doesn’t humble him. He trancends the game. When you have to alter the rules and the layouts of the game to prevent someone from winning, that means you are beyond good.

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