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Monday, April 23, 2018

Who Is Cigar Guy? Rupesh Shingadia

Shortly after one of the best sports photographs of all-time was snapped and shared worldwide, the picture became famous for another reason. The focus of Tiger Woods’ chip shot that hit a camera square in the lens shifted to a goofy looking man with a funny mustache and cigar, off to the side. The man quickly became known as “Cigar Guy,” and photoshops adding him to other historical events began to spring up across the web.

People were so fascinated by Cigar Guy a website was offering $1,000 for his identity. His identity was a mystery until this weekend, when The London Daily Mail uncovered Cigar Guy’s mask, revealing him as 30-year-old man Rupesh Shingadia. Shingadia is an investment analyst from the London-area who “loves golf and follows Arsenal.”

He says the outfit was a tribute to Miguel Angel Jimenez, and that he bought the wig, mustache, and cigar as part of a costume. Shingadia added that people kept looking at him on the course, but he had no idea things would take off like that. Neither did I. I never understood the Cigar Guy phenomenon to begin with and I only moderately understand it more now. Somethings with the internet are simply inexplicable, and this certainly heads the list.

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