Corey Thomas was other man in Christy Mack-War Machine saga

Corey-ThomasThe man that Christy Mack was allegedly with when War Machine attacked her is Corey Thomas, according to TMZ.

Some of you may be familiar with Thomas if you watched the VH1 show “Megan Wants a Millionaire” back in 2009. Corey, who made a fortune in web design, was reportedly with Mack the night War Machine showed up at her home and went ballistic. When telling her side of the story, Mack said she is just friends with Thomas and that he was fully clothed.

Mack says War Machine broke up with her in May, though LB pointed out that posts on War Machine’s Instagram account from as recently as Aug. 3 indicated he was still with Christy. War Machine’s brother, Michael Eugene Koppenhaver, claims Mack and War Machine were still together and that he returned home last Friday to find her having sex with another man.

Koppenhaver says War Machine got into a physical altercation with the other man — who was apparently Thomas — and then acted in self defense after Mack went after him with a knife.

While we don’t know who — if anyone — is telling the truth, TMZ reports that Thomas has a broken nose and two black eyes from War Machine attacking him. War Machine also supposedly bit him in the face. We also know that Mack suffered some pretty gruesome injuries, as evidenced by these photos that she shared.

War Machine has yet to turn himself in and Dog the Bounty Hunter has not been able to track him down.

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  • Arsen Dadyan

    What’s more harmful for the body/brain….being a pornstar or being a mma fighter?

  • Arsen Dadyan


  • eduardokn

    What horror how someone can be so cowardly aim of assaulting a woman in this way ???? War machine deserves life imprisonment because he has shown he is unable to live in society.

    All though he was a professional wrestler, but if she had, learned self defense techniques and martial arts, she probably would have avoided being assaulted by him, moreover already here comes what I’ve been saying for a long time women in extent possible should seek to have a weapon (I do not know why she no longer had it in the USA and allowed), depending on the situation there does not even need to leave the arm with face, and only picks up the gun and solve the problem, until one pepper Spray helps a lot depending on the situation.

    Women need to understand that not every man who has a good nature, so they must be prepared to deal with violent situations.

    Firearms and easy to achieve, but not always solve too, as well as martial arts defense techniques until a child can learn to defend if you need, what you say in passing that for women and even having the necessary firearms .

    But at least one thing it’s any consolation, there why not Brazil where you can do anything and get away with it, that crazy I do not know if it will live out of jail, so high that it will be apena he will get if she is framed for attempted murder.

  • Sheree Guy Sawyer