US to play Group H winner Belgium after advancing to knockout stage

Jurgen KlinsmannFor the first time in World Cup history, the US has advanced to the knockout stage two World Cups in a row.

The US lost to Germany 1-0 Thursday but the 1-goal margin of defeat coupled with Portugal’s low-scoring, 1-goal margin of victory over Ghana allowed the US to advance to the round of 16.

The US’s next game will be Tuesday at 4:00 pm ET against Group H winner Belgium, which won all three of its group games. The winner of that game faces the winner of Argentina and Switzerland.

Though it’s too early to jump any guns here, Argentina went 3-0 in group play and is one of the favorites to win the entire tournament. They’re obviously expected to reach the quarterfinals.

If the US were to win two in a row to advance to the semifinals, they would face whomever emerges between Netherlands/Mexico and Costa Rica/Greece. The Netherlands and Costa Rica are expected to win their respective games.

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  • SpinMax

    So…. they lost and they advanced? I hate soccer. Aren’t they all in 4 team divisions? How about this crazy proposal…2 play 2, the 2 winners play each other and that winner moves on. You know what, forget it, that makes too much sense. Stick with teams losing and moving on, winning and going home. whatever

  • No Text

    I think the game is actually at 4 PM EDT.