Tony Romo’s wife Candice attends Cowboys-Eagles game

Candice Romo Cowboys

While Tony Romo was at home recovering from back surgery, his dedicated wife was at Cowboys Stadium cheering on her husband’s team.

NBC flashed to Candice Romo sitting in a suite taking in the Cowboys-Eagles game on Sunday night. Candice is a regular at Cowboys games, where she enjoys watching her husband play.

Tony underwent back surgery for his herniated disk on Friday after epidural injections were unable to completely alleviate his pain. The Cowboys are hoping he will be ready for the team’s offseason activities in the spring.

We obviously love Candice’s devotion to the Cowboys, but we have to wonder who’s at home taking care of Tony? Hopefully he has someone around making sure he’s able to get along without any issues.

Terrell Owens: Kyle Orton gives Cowboys better chance to win than Tony Romo

Terrell-Owens-cryingKyle Orton will start in place of Tony Romo for the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. Given Romo’s history of choking and the fact that the game will decide which team advances to the playoffs, some people feel that Orton may actually give Dallas a better chance to win. Terrell Owens is one of those people.

We all remember the infamous “that’s my quarterback” press conference where TO had tears streaming down his face in defense of Romo, but he’s going with the numbers in this situation.

“My thing with Romo is he’s been inconsistent late in ballgames,” Owens said during an appearance on the NFL Network. “Going into a situation like this you don’t have him No. 1. With Tony Romo you kind of already know what to expect. Late in the game it’s a toss-up.

“So if you look at what Kyle Orton has done — he’s done more with less. In this situation, I think the uncertainty with (the Eagles) not playing against Orton, he has an edge.”

Prior to Owens presenting his argument, NFL Network showed a few statistics about Romo’s play in clutch situations versus Orton’s play. Since 2008, Orton has throw a touchdown pass every 13.7 pass attempts in the final five minutes of the fourth quarter. Romo has thrown a touchdown pass every 28.7 pass attempts in the same situation. Orton has thrown one interception every 40.1 pass attempts in the final five minutes, and Romo has thrown one every 20.1 attempts.

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Tony Romo undergoes season-ending back surgery

Michael-Irvin-pressure-on-Tony-RomoThe speculation has finally ended — Tony Romo will not be able to suit up for the Dallas Cowboys when the NFC East title is at stake against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Head coach Jason Garrett announced on Friday morning that Romo has undergone back surgery and is officially out for the season.

“The procedure happened this morning,” Garrett said. “We felt the surgery went well. Tony should be able to come home later today and start his rehabilitation. He’ll start his road to recovery, sooner rather than later. We’re completely confident he will rehab and come back at 100 percent.”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter first reported on Monday that Romo will miss the remainder of the season with a back injury. Later in the week, Cowboys fans were given reason for optimism when Jerry Jones said that nothing was official and word surfaced that Romo had received an epidural. Schefter’s initial report wound up being accurate.

Naturally, some of the Romo haters are going to be throwing the toughness question around. The fact that Romo required surgery and his back was bothering him before a win over the Washington Redskins proves he is as tough as any player in the league. Say what you will about Romo’s poor decision making in clutch situations, but he has played through a number of painful injuries throughout his career. If he was able to play through the back injury, he would have.

Tony Romo reportedly had epidural, waiting to see if it helps

Tony RomoThe Dallas Cowboys have insisted that Tony Romo is day-to-day despite reports saying he is out for the season. That is likely because they are waiting to see whether an epidural helped his herniated disk that will likely require surgery.

ESPN reported that Romo had an epidural on Sunday after the Cowboys returned home from their road win over the Washington Redskins. Epidurals are injections in the back used to promote healing and alleviate pain. There are generally a series of epidural injections over a course of time, so it remains to be seen whether the injection will have helped.

Despite Romo having the injection, backup quarterback Kyle Orton is expected to start for the Cowboys. The winner of their game with the Philadelphia Eagles takes the NFC East and clinches a playoff berth.

LeSean McCoy wants Tony Romo to play

LeSean McCoyTony Romo is expected to miss the Dallas Cowboys’ season finale against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday due to a herniated disk in his back, according to a report from ESPN. However, team owner Jerry Jones said on Monday evening that there is nothing structurally wrong with Romo’s back and that he could suit up if he feels up to it. That could simply be a smoke screen from Jones, but LeSean McCoy is hoping it’s the truth.

Rather than facing an ice-cold Kyle Orton in the most crucial game of the year, McCoy wants the Eagles to have a chance to earn a playoff spot by facing Romo. McCoy was stunned he was told Romo could miss the game.

“I don’t believe that. Are you for sure?” he asked on his weekly radio show on 94WIP, via The Philadelphia Daily News. “I would love to have Romo out there. You want your best. You want everybody playing in the showdown for the NFC East title. You wait this long and put everything into it? The hard training in the offseason, get the new coach … We’re finally here at the last game … You put all your chips on the table … We’re all in.”

I’m sure the Eagles wouldn’t mind facing Orton if it gives them a better chance to make the playoffs. McCoy said what you would expect one of the league’s best players to say, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. No matter how many times Romo has choked in clutch situations, the prospect of facing Orton in front of 100,000 Cowboys fans has to sound more appealing.

Helmet smack to Around the League

Tony Romo to miss crucial season finale with back injury

Michael-Irvin-pressure-on-Tony-RomoThe Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles both won on Sunday, setting the stage for a Week 17 showdown that is essentially an extension of the playoffs. The winner will capture the NFC East title and clinch a playoff berth, while the loser will be dusting off golf clubs. Unfortunately, the Cowboys will have to go for the division crown without Tony Romo.

Romo is expected to miss the remainder of the season with a back injury, as first reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Kyle Orton will likely start for the Cowboys in Dallas on Sunday night.

Romo said that his back was sore heading into his team’s win over the Washington Redskins. He told reporters on Sunday that he tweaked it during the game but did not expect the injury to affect his status for the season finale.

“That triggered it a little bit,” he said. “Whatever the kid did on that one play, it really sent something that didn’t feel comfortable. But it’s in a completely different spot than the back stuff I had last year, so that’s a good sign.”

Say what you will about Romo and his tendency to choke when the spotlight is at its brightest, but this is a major blow for the Cowboys. They will now have to insert an ice-cold quarterback into the starting lineup for the most crucial game of the year.

Growing rift between Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray?

Tony Romo DeMarco Murray The relationship between Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray isn’t great because of differences over playcalling, according to a report.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported on Sunday that the relationship between the two Dallas Cowboys offensive playmakers is “frosty.” He said there is a growing rift between them, all because Murray feels like he’s not getting the ball enough and wondering why Romo tends to audible into passes instead of runs.

“DeMarco Murray, their star running back, grumbled to teammates about not getting the ball enough,” Rapoport said of “NFL GameDay Morning.” “He doesn’t understand why Romo always seems to choose pass instead of run. … The relationship between Romo and Murray is frosty, a little bit of a growing rift there. It’s surprising that some pettiness should creep in at a crucial point of the season, but that’s what’s happening.”

It’s an absolutely legitimate concern that has been shared by many people.

Murray was probably the most effective offensive weapon the Cowboys had in consecutive losses. He went for 146 yards on 18 carries in a Monday night loss to the Chicago Bears, and he posted 134 yards on 18 carries in a game the Cowboys blew against the Packers last week.

Romo notably checked out of a running play and into a passing play late in the game and was intercepted. The interception led to the Packers winning the game.

The cries about the Cowboys’ playcalling have been loud. Troy Aikman was critical of it both on the FOX telecast and during the week afterwards. During Sunday’s Cowboys-Redskins game, even LeBron James was complaining that Murray wasn’t getting the ball enough.

If you were running the ball as well as Murray has the last few games only to see Romo blow it, you’d probably be pretty upset, too. I wouldn’t put too much into this — all offensive players want to get the ball more because they feel like they can help their team win. Not getting the ball enough really just becomes a problem when your team is losing like the Cowboys have been.