Keith Olbermann Bitter Over His Final ESPN Show

Keith Olbermann announced he was leaving his MSNBC Countdown show on Friday, doing so in a way only he can. Bloviating through his final speech, Olbermann took a shot at ESPN, as he’s done many times in the past. His gripe centered on the little time his former employer afforded him to say goodbye in his final episode hosting SportsCenter. Check it out at around the :40 mark:

One day this man will run out of network TV options the way he behaves. If that happens, at least he’ll always have Stuttgart.

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    Did he call his show anti-establishment? The guy who is a mouthpiece for the administration, the dem party, defender of his likeminded pals who run the mainstream and new york media??? I feel like Obiwan is going to say “from a certain point of view” right now.
    good riddance forever I hope