Video: Channing Crowder/Matt Light Fight, Ejected for Hair Pulling

Every time I see an NFL player with long hair, I wonder how they play like that, and I also wonder how they don’t have their hair yanked at all times. I don’t consider it dirty — I just consider it a part of the jersey. Now my idea of grabbing hair differs from Matt Light’s. He did it to Channing Crowder when the two rumbled in the 4th quarter of the Pats/Dolphins game on Sunday. Here’s how the whole thing shook out:

I’m not quite sure which fight was gnarlier — this, or the John Henderson eye-gouging fight a few weeks ago. If pressed, I’d have to give this Crowder/Light bout the nod. Even more impressive than the fight was the way the Pats and Cassel finished the game. 415 yards? Jeezus.

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  • Gene

    I was wondering how long it would take for someone to grab or pull the long hair which some football players sport these days. Matt Light, you are a pioneer.

    The NFL punishes players for the slightest uniform dress code violation but allows that ridiculous amount of hair to protrude from beneath their helmets. How inconsistent!!!