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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Video of football player flipping over defender is part of AT&T commercial

A 19-second video clip of a football player flipping over a defender went viral on Friday (seen above), but there were no details about the awesome play in question.

Deadspin posted it and called it “The Most Athletic Football Play Of The Year Took Place In A High School Scrimmage.”

“Since the video was uploaded more than three weeks ago, and barely has 400 views, it’s safe to say it’s either legit or the worst-marketed viral video ever,” wrote Barry Petchesky.

Well it looks like the video was part of a viral marketing campaign, and it did force me to take notice. The clip was part of an AT&T commercial featuring Bob Stoops, and the point is to show how awesome moments can spread rapidly, and how AT&T devices can help you share cool things. Here is what the AT&T commercial looks like:

The marketing campaign actually worked. Do you think I would have cared about the commercial when I saw it on Saturday had I not seen the mysterious viral clip a day earlier? Definitely not. Well done, AT&T.

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