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Monday, December 10, 2018

Lake County Fielders Announcer Qumar Zaman Quits While On the Air

Things are not going well at all for the Lake County Fielders. Last week, their manager and several players quit right before a game because they insisted they weren’t being paid enough. Since they were forced to deal with a very short roster, Lake County decided to play pitchers in the field and allow position players to pitch. This inspired the Yuma Scorpions to put the great Jose Canseco on the mound, who allowed only one run in an 8-3 victory.

As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, the Fielders’ radio announcer Qumar Zaman decided to blast the team and its ownership for about four minutes after a loss the other day and then quit on the air.  Listen to his rant, courtesy of Hardball Talk:

That is obviously awful press for Lake County that they certainly didn’t need, but Zaman probably wasn’t doing much to help his own career by going off either.  If you were another team, would you want to hire a guy who has no problem blasting your entire organization on-air before calling it quits?  What happens if you do something to piss him off and it turns into a public relations nightmare?

Question for you LBS Nuts — What’s worse: falling asleep on the job, ripping your own team during the broadcast, or quitting on the air?

H/T to Awful Announcing for some of the story info.

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