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Monday, December 10, 2018

Adrian Peterson fires back at critics, says he can be a receiving back

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson knows he could have a more difficult time finding a job this offseason than he did a year ago, and he may end up not finding one at all. If nothing else, the future Hall of Famer is going down swinging.

Peterson will turn 33 later this month and has suffered multiple significant knee injuries. Beyond that, he has always be seen as more of a power runner who isn’t as effective catching passes out of the backfield. Earlier in the week, Peterson thanked NFL legend Eric Dickerson for defending how much he has left in the tank. A.P. also fired back at critics who say he can’t catch.

When one person pointed out that Peterson was citing stats from years ago, the veteran running back did not back down.

In the past, Peterson has blamed his lack of production in the receiving game on the quarterbacks he has played with. Even if that does help explain it, teams will probably be more turned off by his age and the fact that he has averaged just 2.8 yards per carry while playing sparingly over the past two seasons. Peterson simply isn’t the back he used to be.

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