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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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Ron Rivera’s assessment of Daniel Snyder is not encouraging

Ron Rivera

Ron Rivera surprised many by taking the Washington Redskins job so quickly. It’s not perceived to be one of the NFL’s better coaching positions, but Rivera was clearly convinced by Washington’s vision.

That vision included a new management structure around owner Daniel Snyder. Rivera admitted that he was uncertain when first discussing the job, but that he was won over eventually — though his compliment for the owner might not be as effusive as he wants it to be.

“This is about the fit, and the more I listened, the more I looked at it, the more I looked at the roster, that’s what impressed me the most, the more I knew,” Rivera said, via Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune. “I came in (to initial talks) with some trepidation, but as I’ve gotten to know Mr. Snyder, I understand really all he wants to do is figure out how to win, and that is pretty exciting.”

Snyder has owned the Redskins since May 1999, so it’s not exactly a ringing endorsement that Rivera sees him wanting to learn how to win as an owner. Washington fans who have watched Snyder try and fail to deliver a consistent winner for two decades probably aren’t enthralled with this either.

Snyder’s public image is not great, and his gaffes are widely mocked. If there’s a Washington turnaround coming, it will probably have more to do with Rivera than it will Snyder.

Video: Dan Snyder for some reason wishes everyone a ‘Happy Thanksgiving’

Redskins logo

Washington Redskins fans are hoping owner Daniel Snyder can finally get out of his own way enough to put a winning team on the field, but they probably won’t feel good that he doesn’t even seem to know what day of the year it is.

Snyder addressed the media on Thursday at new head coach Ron Rivera’s introductory press conference, and he began by wishing everyone a “Happy Thanksgiving.” He delivered the line almost as if it were intentional.

That’s an awfully strange thing to say to a group of people on Jan. 2, don’t you think?

Snyder’s next remark was that this is the beginning of a “great new year for the Redskins organization,” so it’s surprising that he didn’t realize what he had just said and correct himself. Or, it’s possible Snyder was delivering some sort of inside joke, as Rivera seemed to get quite the kick out of it. Like almost everything else that has gone on with the Redskins in recent years, we have no clue.

Assuming it was a mistake, it was hardly a significant one. However, you can expect a fan base that has showered Snyder with some unflattering chants recently to not let him live it down.

Dan Snyder stopped Dwayne Haskins from returning to game after ankle injury

Washington Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins left Sunday’s game with an ankle injury, and it apparently took an intervention from ownership to keep him from returning.

A team spokesperson said that owner Dan Snyder told Haskins to listen to the team’s medical advice and not return to the game, which the Redskins ultimately lost to the New York Giants.

It’s an interesting PR move, and a bit weird if Snyder had to intervene. There was no reason to send Haskins back into the game. The doctor’s advice should have been enough for the coaching staff to sit him down.

The good news is Haskins’ ankle issue doesn’t sound overly severe despite how worrisome it looked live. He may not play next week, but that’s not a big deal as long as he’s good for training camp.

Urban Meyer sparks Redskins coaching rumors by attending game with Dan Snyder

Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer has heard his name mentioned in connection with a number of high-profile coaching jobs at both the collegiate and NFL levels, and we can now add the Washington Redskins to that list.

Meyer was at FedEx Field on Sunday as a guest of owner Daniel Snyder, and JP Finlay of NBC Sports reports that the Redskins would love to hire the three-time national champion as their next head coach.

Meyer coached Redskins rookie Dwayne Haskins in college, so that is likely one of the reasons he attended Sunday’s game.

Meyer has been heavily linked to the Dallas Cowboys head coaching job, and it would seem like a no-brainer for him to choose them over Washington if he is offered a position by both teams. The Redskins are considered one of the most poorly run franchises in sports and are expected to have trouble landing a top head coaching candidate.

It would seem more reasonable for the Redskins to target another college coach they are said to be interested in, as it would be a major surprise if Meyer would want his first NFL head coaching gig to be with a team that has had so many problems over the years.

10 biggest disappointments of NFL Week 11

Week 11 saw the first team of the season mathematically eliminated from playoff contention — sorry, Bengals fans, we know you were holding out hope. While that’s not exactly a surprise, it does illustrate that we’re getting to the part of the season where teams are going to start facing a lot of mathematical must-wins to keep their playoff hopes alive in any realistic sense.

With high stakes come high expectations, and some people can’t reach those. Here are ten big disappointments from Week 11.

Mitch Trubisky, Matt Nagy, Bears

Trubisky had another listless showing for the Bears and was replaced by Chase Daniel with just over three minutes to go in a 17-7 loss. The Bears and Matt Nagy said the QB had a hip injury, though skeptics will question whether that information is a coverup for a benching in the latest lackluster performance by the former No. 2 overall pick. The conversation NBC showed Nagy having with Trubisky will only further the speculation that this was a benching. Whatever the case, Trubisky is just not getting the job done in Chicago, and many will question the timing of the move. Many viewed it as Nagy’s way of trying to pin the blame on his quarterback. Both Trubisky’s play and Nagy’s handling of it were disappointing.

Kyle Allen, QB, Panthers

Maybe the Falcons defense did discover something last week, or maybe Allen was just awful. Maybe it’s both. Whatever the reason, Allen demonstrated that he does not look like the future of the Carolina Panthers or any other team. Allen was sacked five times and picked off four times, frequently missing his targets. This was not a fluke, either; Allen just has not shown any real ability to consistently get the job done.


Watch: Redskins fans chant ‘sell the team’ during latest blowout loss

Redskins logo

Washington Redskins fans had to sit through another embarrassing effort from their team on Sunday, and some of them decided to take their frustrations out on the team’s ownership.

During the fourth fourth quarter of their team’s blowout loss to the New York Jets, a group of Redskins fans could be heard chanting, “Sell the team! Sell the team!”

Washington has had an abysmal season. The only thing fans can hope for is for first-round pick Dwayne Haskins to emerge as a legitimate NFL starter, but the franchise’s supporters have been tortured for years.

We recently saw a brewery based in DC take a shot at the Redskins and owner Daniel Snyder, and you can’t blame fans for being fed up. With all the losing and the drama that has gone on with some of their best players, you could easily argue that Washington is one of the worst run franchises in the NFL.

DC-area brewery makes beer encouraging Dan Snyder to sell Redskins

Redskins logo

A local brewery near the nation’s capital has come up with a clever marketing idea for one of its latest offerings, though the Washington Redskins probably will not appreciate it.

On Tuesday, Harpers Ferry Brewing in Purcellville, Va., announced that it will release a beer this week called “Sell the Team” IPA. The brew is described as “bitter and slightly disappointing like a day at FedEx Field,” and it has a high alcohol content to help get Redskins fans through “another dreadful Sunday.”

As you know, Daniel Snyder is one of the least popular owners in the NFL. The Redskins have had one winning season and made one playoff appearance in the last seven years, and they are 1-8 this season and could wind up with the top overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. They also recently fired their head coach and are facing some extremely troubling allegations from one of their best players.

We usually see bars and breweries supporting their local teams as part of their marketing approach, but Harpers Ferry’s branding decision shows you just how much Redskins fans hate their team at the moment.