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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

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Derek Carr shows terrible awareness on 4th down pass

Derek Carr

A bad season got even worse for Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, and the quarterback may have committed his most embarrassing mental mistake of the season.

The Raiders had the ball deep in Los Angeles Chargers’ territory late in the fourth quarter, and they decided to go for it on fourth down since they were trailing 20-6. Carr was either completely unaware of the situation or simply panicked, but he decided to intentionally throw the ball into the ground when the pass rush was closing in on him.

That one play can be considered a microcosm for the Raiders’ entire season. While it was unlikely that the Raiders were going to convert with the way the play was setting up, Carr would have been better off throwing a Hail Mary downfield than just tossing the ball away.

There has been a lot of talk about Gruden potentially wanting to part ways with Carr after the season, and plays like that aren’t helping the quarterback prove his worth. We have also heard rumblings of Carr’s teammates not being happy with him, so things could continue to get uglier in Oakland.

Deion Sanders believes ‘garbage’ Raiders will dump Derek Carr

Derek Carr

Deion Sanders is on the payroll with NFL Network, and the Oakland Raiders were so bad on Thursday night that even he didn’t want to watch the product his employer was putting out.

As the Raiders were sleepwalking through a humiliating loss to the San Francisco 49ers, Sanders took to social media to criticize their lackluster performance. From what the Hall of Famer sees, he believes it is only a matter of time before head coach Jon Gruden parts ways with Derek Carr.

Carr looked skittish on many of his pass attempts against San Francisco, but it’s hard to blame him with how horrendous Oakland’s offensive line played. He was sacked a whopping seven times, and there were some plays where Niners defenders were in the backfield the second the ball was snapped.

Defense was just as big of an issue for the Raiders as offense, and Sanders said on his Instagram story at one point that Gruden’s team has become unwatchable.

“I’m sorry, I can’t take this no more. Please, can somebody get these Raiders off my TV?” Sanders said. “That right there (pointing to TV) — garbage.”

There have been reports that the Raiders want to build around Carr and have assured him that his future with the team is safe, but Gruden has already criticized the QB publicly this season. With three first-round picks in next year’s draft, it’s going to be hard for Gruden to resist starting fresh at a position he considers himself a specialist with.

Report: Raiders want to build around Derek Carr

Derek Carr

The Oakland Raiders are in rebuilding mode, but they may not be closing the book on the Derek Carr era.

The Raiders held onto Carr through the trade deadline even though they discussed trading away several other players. NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport says that’s because the Raiders would like to build around Carr.

Here’s what Rapoport said on Thursday before the Raiders-49ers game.

Rapoport says the Raiders “did not come close to trading” Carr before the trade deadline. He says that Carr and new Raiders head coach Jon Gruden “have actually become closer” during the season, even though Gruden has called out Carr. Rapoport says the relationship between the men “has actually improved” this year.

There was some speculation that the Raiders could cut Carr after the season and move on, using one of their multiple first-round picks on a quarterback. Instead, all signs seem to point to him remaining the quarterback of the future for the Raiders.

Report: Raiders tell Derek Carr he is their QB for foreseeable future

Derek Carr

The Oakland Raiders have already traded two of their best players this season, but Derek Carr is not expected to be moved ahead of Tuesday’s trade deadline.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Raiders have assured Derek Carr that he will remain their starting quarterback for the foreseeable future. In addition to not exploring trade options for him, the team expects Carr to remain its starting quarterback for the remainder of 2018 and in 2019. The Raiders have reportedly “gone out of their way” to reassure the man they invested $125 million in last summer.

Head coach Jon Gruden has already lost the benefit of the doubt with some fans, as he indicated he would not trade pass-rusher Khalil Mack and star receiver Amari Cooper, but both are playing for new teams. However, Gruden did say recently that he does not expect to make any more significant moves, including trading Carr.

Carr’s salary cap hit for 2019 is scheduled to be $22.5 million, but the Raiders could save $15 million if they decided to part ways with him this offseason. They also have three first-round picks in the 2019 draft, so Gruden will have a great opportunity to draft a top quarterback.

Jon Gruden assured Derek Carr he will not be traded

Derek Carr

The Oakland Raiders have already traded away two of their core players in the nine short months that Jon Gruden has been with the team, and some believe Derek Carr could be the next to go. Assuming the head coach is telling the truth, that is not going to happen this season.

On Wednesday, Gruden told reporters that he does not anticipate making any more trades prior to the Oct. 30 deadline. He said that is “certainly” the case with Carr.

And Gruden says he is not just saying that publicly, as the Raiders have also assured Carr in private that he is not going anywhere.

Carr’s salary cap hit for 2019 is scheduled to be $22.5 million, but the Raiders could save $15 million if they decided to part ways with him this offseason. It seems unlikely that the franchise will give up on Carr after he signed a five-year, $125 million extension last summer, but Gruden now has three first-round picks in 2019 after trading away Khail Mack and Amari Cooper. If the coach wants to draft a QB, he’ll be in a great position to do that.

While you might be inclined to think Gruden is lying about not intending to trade Carr, keep in mind it sounds like one of the star players he dealt wanted out. That does not appear to be the case with Carr.

Raiders TE Lee Smith gives impassioned defense of Derek Carr

Derek Carr

Oakland Raiders tight end Lee Smith gave an impassioned defense of quarterback Derek Carr on Wednesday.

Smith addressed a report that suggested Carr would struggle to lead the Raiders moving forward after the quarterback supposedly began crying following an arm injury. The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson, who wrote the article, called Carr’s relationship with his teammates “fractured.”

Smith thinks that sort of talk is ridiculous and said so to the media.

“All these reports about this locker room being fractured with Derek Carr is the most obnoxious and ridiculous thing that I’ve heard ever,” Smith said. “It’s comical and laughable that I’m even sitting here talking about it. Us as players have zero issue with Derek Carr. He’s our leader, he’s always been our leader. We put a ‘C’ on his chest for a reason. Attacking his character as a teammate is a joke.”

Smith also suggested the comments came from outside the team’s locker room.

The drama surrounding the Raiders this season has been excessive. They began the offseason by playing hardball with Khalil Mack and ultimately trading the former Defensive Player of the Year. They’ve gotten off to a terrible start, began benching players, have Marshawn Lynch injured, and now they’re stripping down their team and trading players. They’re a team that is rebuilding. There will be immense pressure on the new regime to nail next year’s draft.

Derek Carr defends himself against talk that he cried after being sacked

Derek Carr

There has been a lot of talk throughout the season about Derek Carr not being on the best terms with his head coach or his teammates, but the quarterback says there is no truth to the latest report of friction in Oakland.

Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic wrote on Tuesday that the relationship between Carr and his teammates has become “fractured,” in part because it looked like Carr cried after being sacked and injuring his arm against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 6.

“They saw his face. They heard his whimper. They witnessed him explain on the sidelines. They assuredly watched it again in film session,” Thompson wrote. “It’s hard to see how Carr can lead this team again.”

In response to the report, Carr’s brother Darren took to Twitter to list all the injuries Derek has played through during his NFL career. Carr then weighed in and said there was “not one tear” after he was hit against Seattle.

Carr also addressed the narrative in Thompson’s story that the QB is on borrowed time in Oakland.

Jon Gruden now has three first-round picks in the 2019 NFL Draft after he traded Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper. There have already been rumblings that the Raiders could move on from Carr after the season because of the way his contract is structured, and no one would be shocked if Gruden did just that.