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Sunday, July 12, 2020

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Report: Adam Gase doesn’t care about fan criticism because he’s ‘rich as f—‘

Adam Gase has grown accustomed to hearing criticism from fans during what has been a disappointing first season as the head coach of the New York Jets, but apparently that does not bother him one bit.

Why? Because he’s making millions of dollars to lose football games, so what’s the difference?

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Gase has privately told people all season that he has never cared what diehard fans of a team think of him. His reason for that is reportedly that he is “rich as f—,” which Mehta says has been Gase’s go-to line since he was hired by the Jets nearly a year ago. Gase has used the phrase repeatedly any time someone mentions the way fans have dumped on him in his first year in New York.

Another phrase Gase has used is that his ““Give-A-Sh–t meter” is low because of how much money he makes.

Mehta goes on to report that there was optimism within the Jets organization that Gase would learn from his mistakes with the Miami Dolphins, but he has made it clear he has no plans to significantly change the way he does things. One adjustment he did make after being spoken to by the higher-ups is to not blow off questions during his press conferences.

While Gase claims to not care what fans think or say about him, some people are reportedly convinced that he or a family member has a burner Twitter account to monitor what is being said about Gase and respond to criticism.

“He’s an insecure guy,” one source told Mehta.

The Jets have taken a step back in 2019 and rank near the bottom of the NFL in most major offensive categories. The numbers are similar to what they were during Gase’s last season in Miami, though he apparently had an excuse lined up for that.

Gase is going to be back as the head coach of the Jets next season, but it would not be a surprise if he is on a very short leash. It’s one thing to lose, but it seems clear he is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way while not producing positive results.

Adam Gase, Sam Darnold explain tense sideline exchange

Adam Gase and Sam Darnold had what appeared to be a disagreement on the sideline during the New York Jets’ disappointing loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night, but both the coach and quarterback insist that is not what happened.

After one of several drives stalled without points, Gase and Darnold had an exchange that looked like it got a bit heated. The reaction of backup quarterback David Fales also made it seem like the conversation was an uncomfortable one, at the very least.

Gase and Darnold both downplayed the exchange while speaking with reporters on Friday. Gase claimed he and the quarterback were actually venting about another player who didn’t do his job.

Darnold had a similar explanation, noting that he was frustrated by the situation but was not having any type of disagreement with Gase. He also commented on the look Fales gave.

There’s no way of knowing if Gase and Darnold are telling the truth, and it would not be a surprise if the discussion was a bit more tense than they are willing to admit. Gase has seemed frustrated with some of his players recently, and the Jets fell to 5-9 with Thursday’s loss. When expectations aren’t met, tempers flare.

Report: Odell Beckham ‘not afraid’ to return to New York, play for Jets

Odell Beckham Jr Browns

The Jets have been mentioned as a team that could explore the possibility of trading for Odell Beckham Jr this offseason if the Browns are open to it, but many have assumed the star receiver would want nothing to do with New York after the way his tenure with the Giants unfolded. Apparently that is not necessarily the case.

Beckham is not opposed to playing in New York again, SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano reports. While that does not mean the Jets are high on Beckham’s wish list, it is still somewhat surprising.

The Jets are in need of a big-play receiver to help Sam Darnold, but there would be obvious risks with acquiring Beckham. He wore out his welcome with the Giants and made headlines for the wrong reason on numerous occasions while playing in New York, and it didn’t take very long for reports to pop up about him wanting out of Cleveland.

Beckham has battled a sports hernia injury for the entire season that will require surgery, so that could be a big factor in his inconsistent play. He also has prominent teammates who believe he wants to stay with the Browns, but time will tell. Beckham has elite talent, but he needs the right fit to success. While Cleveland doesn’t seem like a good spot for him thus far, that could change.

Watch: Jets staff member gets taken out on sidelines

Jets coach sidelines

A New York Jets employee learned the hard way on Thursday night to always keep your eye on the field.

During the fourth quarter of the Baltimore Ravens’ rout of the Jets, Robert Griffin III was in the game and carried the ball to the right side of the field. He was tackled along the sideline and the defender rolled into a Jets staffer whose back was turned away from the field.

The Jets staffer crumbled to the ground and received attention.

Being on the sidelines for a game are no joke. Whether it’s a photographer being nailed or a coach getting injured, you have to be alert, because there’s an injury hazard.

Adam Gase shares thoughts on Le’Veon Bell going bowling with the flu

LeVeon Bell

Le’Veon Bell was spotted out enjoying some leisure time at a bowling alley on Saturday night just hours after the New York Jets ruled him out of Sunday’s game with an illness, and naturally he is facing criticism. While Jets coach Adam Gase may not have agreed with the decision, he made it clear there is nothing he can do about it.

Gase was asked about Bell’s bowling adventures during his press conference on Tuesday, and he admitted he would have preferred if the star running back stayed home to focus on “getting better.” However, he said the team told Bell to stay away so he didn’t infect other players, and the Jets are not going to discipline a player for leaving his house.

Obviously, the issue is one of optics. Bell has had a disappointing first season with the Jets, and it’s a bad look for him to be out having a good time on the same weekend he was too ill to play in a game. It would not be a surprise if Gase is just as annoyed about that as fans are.

The Jets signed Bell to a four-year, $52.5 million deal last offseason that includes $27 million guaranteed. He is averaging just 82.7 yards per game and 3.2 yards per carry this season, and there has been talk that he could be shopped in trade talks this winter. There were also reports before the season that Gase never wanted Bell on the team to begin with, so the situation will certainly be one to watch.

Jets reportedly open to trading Le’Veon Bell after season

LeVeon Bell

The New York Jets signed Le’Veon Bell to a massive contract this past offseason, but they may be looking to part ways with the star running back just one season into the deal.

The Jets are going to be “amenable” to trading Bell after the season concludes, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports. They already shopped the three-time Pro Bowler ahead of the trade deadline, and it seems like Bell and Jets head coach Adam Gase are far from a perfect fit.

Bell is in the first season of a four-year, $52.5 million deal he signed with the Jets that includes $27 million guaranteed. He carries salary cap hits of $15.5 million, $13.5 million and $15 million over the next three seasons. The team will almost certainly have to eat some money if they want to move him, but Gase may push for it to happen.

Bell is averaging just 82.7 yards per game and 3.2 yards per carry. He was a threat in both the run and pass games with the Pittsburgh Steelers who was constantly a nightmare for defenses, but he has not looked like that player this year. A lot of that has to do with the way Gase is using him, though Gase indicated on Monday that it is Bell who has needed to alter his style of play.

“Especially in the last four or five games, he’s really done a good job of trying to make sure that we’re staying ahead of the sticks,” Gase said. “For the most part, I feel like he has adjusted his running style to really benefit us to really keep us ahead of the sticks.”

A report from before the season claimed Gase was totally against shelling out big money to sign Bell, and the Jets have already committed to the coach for 2020. Gase tried to refute the notion that he never wanted Bell on the team, but he wasn’t exactly convincing. If Bell does end up being moved, it will be safe to assume Gase had a lot to do with it.

Watch: Raiders win crucial pass interference challenge to take Jets TD away

Jon Gruden

NFL head coaches have had almost no luck when challenging pass interference calls and no-calls this season, but the Oakland Raiders were on the right end of a no-call that was challenged early in Sunday’s game against the New York Jets paid off in a big way.

Demaryius Thomas got wide open for an easy touchdown in the first quarter, but the reason he was left alone is that an Oakland Raiders player was being illegally blocked downfield. No flag was thrown, but the play was automatically reviewed since it was a scoring play. The officials decided there was offensive pass interference and called the touchdown back.

The Jets ended up having to settle for a field goal on the drive.

We have seen some instances this year where officials refuse to overturn the call on the field even when the evidence is clear as day, so it’s somewhat surprising that the ruling on the field was overturned. While it may not feel like it, it is still worth throwing a challenge flag in those situations.