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Monday, May 21, 2018

Female Rays Fans Now Getting Bikini Waxes to Show Their Mohawk Support

I’ve never been much of a mohawk fan, going back to the 90s when it was making a bit of a run. That aside, I’m a fan of team-building activities. I was on a squad where we all bleached our hair for camaraderie — it’s part of the fun — so I understand the Rays getting mohawks to build team spirit. Even the fans of the team started getting into it, showing up to games with new haircuts. While the mohawk is easy for the male fans to show their support, it’s tougher for the female fans. Until now. Via Deadspin and Tampa Bay 10:

It’s the second most popular style to sweep the Rays craze.

A bikini wax. Mohawk-style.

Michelle Foster of Skin Deep Spatique in St. Petersburg says she was inspired by her son’s Mohawk, “I stopped and thought about it a minute, and thought, well now everyone can have one!”

For $30, women are walking in to Skin Deep Spatique and requesting this popular style. They call it, “the special”.

When all is said and done, women are left with a female Rayhawk.

Not so sure TBS will have any crowd shots of these puppies. Judging by some of the talent at the Trop, I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing. Either way, that’s gotta be one heck of an ice breaker between fans at the game.

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