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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Michael Pineda says pine tar-looking substance is just dirt

Michael Pineda dirtMichael Pineda had such a comical explanation for the dark substance spotted on his hand during his outing Thursday against the Boston Red Sox that not even he could keep a straight face when talking with the media after the game.

When the subject of the alleged pine tar on his hand came up, Pineda answered the questions and explained that it was just “dirt” on his hand.

“It’s dirt,” said Pineda after the game. “Between the innings I’m sweating too much. My hand — I’m putting dirt. I’m grabbing the dirt.”

Pineda was then asked why the substance disappeared from his hand after the fourth inning. Did someone talk to him about it? Was he asked to get rid of it?

“No no no, nobody asked me. Nobody said nothing about that.”

What’s this tell us? Nothing to see here, just move along.

Everyone knows that Pineda was using pine tar, but that’s a common practice. The Red Sox didn’t even complain because they don’t want people busting their pitchers, who also use foreign substances. But calling it dirt is just comical.

Come on, Michael. Who’s actually buying that?

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