Blake Griffin Makes Reverse Alley-Oop Dunk Look Easy (Video)

Nothing surprises us at this point when it comes to Blake Griffin and freak athleticism.  His dunking abilities are going to make for a long career of sports blogs being filled with videos that worship his talent.  I’m not trying to beat a dead horse here, but do people actually appreciate how easy he makes it look?  How many times have you seen a reverse alley-oop dunk during a game?  Personally, I can’t think of one.  Griffin has already mastered the traditional alley-oop, so he decided to create a bit of a challenge for himself on Saturday night — if you even want to call it that.

If this kid doesn’t win the Slam Dunk Contest I’ll be stunned.  He comes up with new dunks on a regular basis and busts them out during actual games.  For Blake Griffin, the regular season is one long dunk competition.  Thanks to The Big Lead for the video.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s always fun to see someone who gets up so high that their own dunk hits them as soon as it gets through the hoop…. but to have it go off him twice and off the backboard twice? Ridiculous

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    If the normally stoic Blake Griffin was smiling, then you know it was really something special. That was awesome. More please.