Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Heckles Baron Davis, Other Players

One of the main reasons the Los Angeles Clippers have been so terrible in recent years is that their rich, racist owner doesn’t care about winning.  We already told you how much it sucks to be a Clippers fan, but being a player is no picnic either.  Sure, losing is frustrating, but how would you feel if your boss was heckling you while you were trying to do your job?  Baron Davis and a few other Clippers know all about it.

According to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been taunting his own players from his courtside seat since the middle of last season.  Among the things Sterling shouts are “Why are you in the game?” and “You’re out of shape!”  Davis, who inked a five-year deal worth $65 million two season ago, is said to be Sterling’s main target.

“There’s nothing I can say,” Davis said of Sterling’s taunts. “I have no comment on that. You just get to this point where it’s a fight every day. It’s a fight. You’re fighting unnecessary battles. I’m fighting unnecessary battles. It’s frustrating because I know and my teammates know I’m capable of getting it done, even dudes on the other team. It’s frustrating.”

Baron’s right — what can he do?  Sterling’s a notorious nut job that obviously has no desire to win.  If your boss harassed you on the job and you knew you were going to get paid anyway, why bother trying?  It’s only a matter of time before Blake Griffin figures it out and takes his freakish dunking abilities elsewhere.

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of Sterling appearing to heckle Baron via SI’s Vault.

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  • Gene

    You know better than to call someone a racist based on second hand information. You better amend that to “alleged racist” if one is to believe Elgin Baylor, who was the GM for over twenty years despite presiding over only one winning season.

  • Anonymous

    –Sterling’s property managers testified that after Sterling bought one apartment building, the new owner remarked that the building carried a stench because “all the blacks in this building, they smell, they’re not clean. And it’s because of all of the Mexicans that just sit around and smoke and drink all day.” That suit was settled confidentially in 2005.–

    That’s a claim that Sterling never really refuted, so I feel confident calling him a racist. He can sue me if he so chooses.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ON2Q3PFLNA6D7X45KFWMIQOTVY Eric Z

    Why bring in players you are going to heckle? Doesn’t that mean the front office is doing a bad job if he doesn’t like the players?

  • Gene

    A confidential settlement means nothing. In my years in the entertainment industry, I have seen many settlements made just to avoid bad publicity, even though the companies were confident that they were totally in the right. Testimony of property managers who may have a vendetta does not constitute proof. Roger Clemens testified that he never used PED’s.

    That being said, I am not defending Sterling at all on any front. He probably is what you alleged him to be.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I’m pretty sure they’d trade away Baron if anybody would actually take him …