Dwight Howard says opponents have been targeting his injured shoulder

Dwight-Howard-shoulder-injuryDwight Howard certainly isn’t making his shoulder injury any better by playing, but the Los Angeles Lakers cannot afford to be missing key players as they fight for their playoff lives. Playing basketball with a torn labrum has to be painful, and Howard insists his opponents have been making it more uncomfortable by targeting his right shoulder and trying to make it worse.

After the Lakers loss to the Miami Heat on Sunday, Howard told Eric Adelson of Yahoo! Sports that the Heat were grabbing at his injured arm early in the game.

“They got me early,” he said. “They would yank it back.”

Howard said some of the Charlotte Bobcats players did the same thing on Friday.

“It’s like a jolt,” he explained. “Then it hurts the rest of the night.”

There’s no way of knowing if players are actually targeting Howard’s arm. If they are, he just informed them all that it is working and affecting his game. The video above shows Howard and Udonis Haslem fighting for position on L.A.’s first possession of the game on Sunday. If you’re looking for it, I guess you can see Haslem yanking at Howard’s arm in some capacity. However, the play looked like nothing more than a standard struggle in the post.

Later in the game, Mario Chalmers pulled down Howard’s right arm and fouled him as he was going to the hoop. While it was obvious Chalmers intentionally pulled the arm, it was the type of foul we see on a regular basis when a guard is trying to prevent a much bigger player from having an easy bucket.

Howard recently said that he is tired of hearing about the shoulder from his critics and even teammates. Complaining that opponents are targeting the injury is only going to make people discuss it more. Dwight is obviously in a lot of pain and his play is suffering as a result, but the less he talks about it the better off he will be.

H/T Eye on Basketball

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  • southi5


  • http://www.facebook.com/franz.atencia Franz Atencia

    Cry me a river Dwight. It’s a man’s (and even a woman’s) game!

  • Jose

    What a cry baby, all the Lakers are cry babies especially Kobe
    we should call them the Los Angeles Crybabies, please don’t touch her.

  • blkshptony

    ya. lets not talk about it in a news article.. dwight ur a crybaby and will never be an NBA Champion if your attitude doesnt get into take-over mode real quick… 
    what a waste… 

  • KarmaGMA

    Lakers better trade dwight before it’s too late….

  • Marcus Gonzalez

    Of course they are Dumas

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Seems like pretty standard contact to me.

  • maldome

    Oh no! He is hurt, someone call the WHAAAAAAAMBULANCE!

  • PSound

    They are definitely targeting his shoulder.

    The first thing Garnett did in the Celtics/Lakers game was grab Dwights right arm and pull straight down on it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wellington.smith.12 Wellington Smith

    Let talk some  real facts Labron the new MJ you can not touch him .   you know  nothing sports fan talk like you played in the NBA for one second .Let someone pound on your ass for  30mins a nite and see what you say then . the mans not a cry baby like most of you pussy’s he doing his job like most of you could not do . And if he got calls like that cry baby Labron who get all the calls and still crying .

  • http://www.facebook.com/king.masters.58 King Masters

    ITS FUNNY HOW ALL YOU GUYS are saying he is a crybaby, but you probably never even played a single day of basketball, talk less of playing with a TORN LABRUM. You don’t even know the pain he is going through so calling him a crybaby is pretty ignorant of you guys if you ask me. I bet you wouldn’t last 5 minutes on the court if you had a torn labrum or any injury that he has played through. So shut up and stop trying to sound tough behind your laptops.

  • http://www.facebook.com/drmartez.martez Dr’Martez Michael Martez

    That was good and funny

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OIN6RWE3AUWMQA5MA2IIXUOJTQ pla

    I don’t how he’s playing at all.  I have the same problem and I don’t play sports.  Typing, fogget doing my hair, everything hurts. The doctor for the team should say no to playing.  It doesn’t get better by playing.