Gilbert Already Talking Smack on Cavs

Gilbert being Gilbert once again decided to go out on a limb and say something in his blog he probably would have been best off keeping to himself. Ordinarily I’m in favor of Gil speaking his mind because it brings us that much closer to him as fans. But if I were his coach and teammates, I’d be certifiably pissed about his latest words.

I think everybody wants Cleveland in that first round. They’ve been a .500 team ever since they made that trade and everybody wants a chance at that matchup.

We want Cleveland for our own reasons, we don’t think they can beat us in the playoffs three years straight. It’s hard to beat a team three years straight. We want to try our luck.

Come on, Gilbert. What are you thinking? Giving Cleveland bulletin board material entering a playoff series? And honestly Gil, the Cavs have owned you; you have no right to speak. Maybe there was a slight chance Cleveland overlooked Washington because they had beaten them two years in a row had Gilbert kept his mouth shut. Now? Gil’s awakened a sleeping giant. Arenas has nothing left but to deliver after making these remarks.

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  • Endos

    Are you sure the sleeping giants arn’t the Wiz? of the 2 playoff victories cavs have on the wiz, the first was very shady how the refs LOVE lebron not calling KEY travels at the end of the games where they won by just one point, the second, butler/arenas out. I dont’ think the wiz want to catch the cavs sleeping, they want them awake and ready so there is no Ifs/ands or buts when the cleveland Lebrons get it! If saying cavs are mediocre and lebron’s overrated doesn’t light a fire under their butts i dont’ know what will.

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