LeBron James on Lakers: ‘No one will ever compare to what we went through’

The Miami Heat successfully silenced an enormous amount of critics by winning an NBA championship last season, and they don’t want any of us to forget about it. Because of their slow start that has followed incredibly high offseason expectations, the Los Angeles Lakers have drawn a number of comparisons to the 2010-2011 Heat. According to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, the two situations are hardly alike.

“No one will ever be able to compare what we went through,” James told the Miami Herald on Friday. “Even though they’re not winning and they’re losing a lot of games, it’s still nowhere near what we went through. Yeah, right. That level of magnitude was nowhere near where ours was two years ago. Nothing. Nothing compares to it.”

Wade agreed wholeheartedly.

“Because of everything that happened in 2010 with offseason signings, it was, automatically, just a lot of negative things that was said about us,” Wade said. “(Los Angeles) didn’t go through that at the beginning. They didn’t go through anything negative about bringing those guys together, so ours started off bad and it stayed bad for a while, and then we got better.”

In a way, the Heat stars are right. LeBron was referred to as one of the greatest players of all time but had no championship hardware to show for it, so that pressure loomed over Miami. Kobe Bryant could use another ring to better his legacy, but he hardly needs it. The mystery of whether or not LeBron would be able to win his first ring created an enormous amount of pressure in itself.

However, the Heat players brought on much of the pressure that they faced last season and the year before. You didn’t see L.A. throwing any type of Three Kings introduction party when they acquired Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. It makes sense that the Heat want everyone to know they overcame more obstacles than any team in NBA history, but let us not forget that they brought much of it on themselves by acting like jackasses.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Phillip-Bonner/1466680237 Phillip Bonner

    Agreed. The Heat wound was totally self-inflicted, while the Lakers slide began when David Stern nixed the trade for Chris Paul. No one cares LeBron, time to move on.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.ortega.142 Steve Ortega

    La Queen Jane is like Cassius Clay was,he wanted and still does,want all the world to look at what La Queen Jane does.He wanted the world to know that he was recruiting two other wannabes to be in the spotlight to Miami.It has been a circus since day 1,and after the league set up their first title,now he wants all eyes on him.He must have been a very negelted boy in his youth,like his mom cutting holes in his pants pockets so he could have something to play with for Christmas.He is a wannabe ,glory hound and at the age of 35 or so he will never get another NBA title.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.ortega.142 Steve Ortega

    That was a planned move on Sterns part to not let the Lakers get Paul.He had to make sure the Lakers did”nt get a chance to get another title,that is why I will be glad when he gets out of office.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    “let us not forget that they brought much of it on themselves by acting like jackasses.”
    Not one, not two, not three, not four …

  • Patrick Gibbons

    People are tired of the millionaires whining and losing. Howard did not go to LA saying they’d win, “not one, not two…championships.” James should not even comment on this.