Taj Gibson Dunk on Dwyane Wade (Video) and Putback Dunk to End Game

Chicago Bulls forward Taj Gibson set the internet on fire with a monster dunk on Dwyane Wade during Game 1 Sunday. Check out this video Gibson posterizing Wade:

We’ve seen some monster dunks throughout the playoffs, namely Kobe’s dunk on Emeka Okafor during the first round of the playoffs, but this is probably the best of the bunch. Now you might have figured Gibson would have been done at that point, but that wasn’t the case. Check out his spectacular putback at the end of the game:

Both dunks were incredible, as was Gibson’s defense. How do they rate compared to all the best dunks of the NBA season? It’s up to you to decide, check them all out here.

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  • Gene

    That was a poor time for Gibson to do that to Wade.  The game was over and decided.  I would not be surprised if D. Wade comes back with a monster Game 2 on Wednesday, using Gibson’s dunk as an added incentive.