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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Victor Ortiz: Marcos Maidana Is Not in my Class, Not Champion Material

Victor Ortiz, LBS’ favorite sombrero-wearing solider, recently beat Andre Berto to win the WBC welterweight title. Ortiz looked so impressive in the fight it’s made people wonder who he’ll fight next. Selcuk Aydin is the WBC mandatory challenger but his promoters probably have something bigger in mind.

Andre Berto was thought to be in the mix for a shot at Manny Pacquiao which was ultimately awarded to Sugar Shane Mosley. Since Ortiz beat Berto, he could be next in line to fight Pac Man. Floyd Mayweather Jr., who was ringside for Ortiz-Berto could be a possibility if he decides to make a return to the ring. Maybe even a rematch with Andre Berto could be appealing. But a fight we know won’t happen is a rematch between Ortiz and Marcos Maidana.

Ortiz is 29-2-2 with his most recent (and significant) loss coming two years ago against Maidana. Ortiz knocked Maidana down three times but lost by TKO in the 6th. He also says the two aren’t in the same class. When asked about a Maidana or Berto rematch on On the Grind’s Boxing show via Boxing Scene, Ortiz laughed.

“Maidana? That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. I honestly had a fluke, off-night that night. Maidana isn’t anywhere near the caliber fighter I am nor Andre Berto. For anyone who can ask a question [like that] is a slap in the face to both Berto and myself.”

“Maidana just got lucky. I was his ticket to become something. Right now he’d probably be in Argentina, who knows, doing nothing — not even recognized. The simple fact that I had an off-night gave him a great night and a great life, a great opportunity. So as far as I’m concerned, good for him, but let’s not forget something. He along with the world knows that he’s not champion material. Never. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.”

Wow, that’s some serious hardcore smack talk coming from Ortiz.. I’ll freely admit Maidana did not look good against Erik Morales and that he got hit hard despite winning. But how can Ortiz so easily dismiss a man who beat him? And after hearing this trash talk, I actually want to see a rematch now. I think it would be more entertaining than Ortiz and Pacquiao to be honest.

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