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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Lucas Nogueira’s hat at the draft did not fit very well over his hair

Lucas Nogueira hat hair

Lucas Nogueira, a Brazilian center selected No. 16 overall in the NBA Draft on Thursday, had an epic struggle to put his hat on after being picked by the Boston Celtics. The guy rocks a massive afro, so it wasn’t exactly easy to fit his hat over the huge mound of hair.

Re-live the struggle in this fantastic GIF:

Seriously, why did they even bother handing him a hat? His ‘fro looks perfect without it. They just killed his look entirely.

And here’s David Stern looking tiny beside him in comparison:

Lucas Nogueira hat hair draft

As far as fashion statements at the draft go, nothing was better than Nerlens Noel’s Kentucky jersey inside his suit jacket.

Here’s the full video of the Nogueira pick:

GIF via The Score

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