Bart Scott Has Epic Postgame Interview, Says Tom Brady Is Overrated in Playoffs

Bart Scott played a strong role in the back-and-forth trash talk between the Jets and Patriots during the week, going so far as to threaten Wes Welker. Scott played for head coach Rex Ryan in Baltimore and took Welker’s foot press conference personally, so no doubt he was pleased to get payback. He was still in on-field commander/soldier mode after the game when approached by Sal Paolantonio for an interview on ESPN. The resulting video was legendary:

You’ll be able to catch Scott on WWE’s Smackdown tomorrow night for more of his shenanigans. Who takes the third game of the preseason like it’s bulls***? Bulls***! That is one fiery, pissed off character, and you could see why the Jets won with passionate guys like him on their side. As far as calling out Tom Jackson and Keyshawn Johnson, I didn’t see enough ESPN to know what they were saying, but I imagine they were picking the Pats.

Now Bart’s reputation as the second coming of Ric Flair did not end with that interview. After the game, Scott strove to set the record straight about Tom Brady, pointing out that the likely MVP has lost his last three playoff games. Scott said that like most QBs, all you had to do was hit him to get him rattled. To me, it wasn’t the hits on Brady that changed him so much as the excellent coverage the Jets had. Brady had nobody open. It’s awfully hard to make things happen when you look downfield and see nothing but white and green, and that’s how it was for Tom.

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  • Anonymous

    He didn’t call out Keyshawn, just Tom Jackson for saying this game wouldn’t be as close as everybody thinks it will be. He predicted a 30-10 win for the Pats and gave the Jets no shot and said all three of their teams would beat the Jets. He said thanks Keyshawn for having our back because he was the only one to pick the Jets to win of the seven who had a pick.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Ah, awesome. Thanks for explaining

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, but Tom Jackson’s comments were deliberate and pre-meditated to make the Jets mad. And guess what… it worked.

  • http://twitter.com/CBotensten Charles Botensten

    NO WAY IT WAS PRE-MEDITATED! When has he claimed he was a Jets fan? NEVER! So he was being an analyst, not a pep-rally reverse psychology fan

  • Gene

    I don’t think Brady is any different now than he was six or eight years ago. The Patriots’ playoff problems are due to the salary cap. You cannot afford to keep everyone you would like to, as they did thirty years ago when the Niners could stockpile three QB’s: Montana, Young and Bono, and still be strong at all of the other positions. The Pats have no pass rush. They could not afford to keep Seymour and others. . They got no pass rush on Sanchez and thus he was never under any pressure and therefore did not make any mistakes.

  • Anonymous

    The Patriots were are in a rebuilding mode. They played over their heads this year. The Jets are just lucky they got by the injury depleted Colts. They won’t beat any of those teams next year.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I’m just reporting what TJ said on ESPN radio. Those were his exact words. And here you go: http://sportifi.com/news/Tom-Jackson-Claims-He-Picked-Against-Jets-in-Win-Over-Patriots-to-Motivate-New-York-Defense-500939.html