Jerry Jones would have fired himself as GM

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admits that his performance as the team’s GM has merited a firing.

Jones made his comments during an interview with NBC Sports’ Bob Costas that aired before the Cowboys played the Atlanta Falcons on “Sunday Night Football.”

Asked by Costas for a self-critique of his work as GM, Jones responded, “I think [the criticism is] valid. We’ve had four division titles since we’ve won our last Super Bowl. We’ve had six losing seasons since we won our last Super Bowl. That’s not acceptable.

When asked if he would have fired himself, Jones said yes.

“Well I think so, because he was there to dismiss,” said Jones. “I’ve always worked for myself, and you can’t do that. You basically have to straighten that guy out in the mirror when you work for yourself. I’ve done it with coaches, and I certainly would have changed general managers.

“The truth is, in the NFL, if you’re active and involved as an owner, that’s the final thing. That’s the way it works.

“Let’s don’t kid ourselves: When it gets down to the real, heavy, hard decisions, you have owners make those decisions — that’s as it should be,” he told Costas.

Though Jones says he probably would have fired a GM who fared how he has, he thinks he can fix things.

“I do believe that I have a better chance of changing what’s in the mirror and basically influencing what’s in the mirror, than I do with the traditional structure of the GM and then the head coach.”

Jones made many other notable comments during the interview. He said he believes the team’s personnel is good enough to win the Super Bowl (of course he does — he’s the guy who put together the roster!). He also expressed his support for head coach Jason Garrett and quarterback Tony Romo.

“When I look at the overall picture, I like what we’ve got in Jason, I like what we’ve got relative to our defensive coordinator in Rob Ryan, and I like our personnel,” Jones said of the team.

He offered further support of Garrett.

“This is a long-term thing with me. We know this is a short-term game. … On the other hand, I have to also look at the long-term and yes, that’s what I like about the potential growth with Jason. I like the way the players respond for Jason. He gets a lot of effort out of these players. They have a lot of respect for him.

“I like what I’m seeing. I don’t like that we’re 3-4, but I like what we’re seeing.”

Though Romo is often criticized, Jones says the three-time Pro Bowler is their man at quarterback.

“Tony has won 60 percent of the games he has started for the Dallas Cowboys. He’s got the fifth-highest quarterback percentage in the history of the NFL. Yes, he does make exceptional plays. And in doing so, he’s had turnovers. But in general, I like the way he drives the bus when he needs to drive the bus, but gives us the chance to make the great play when blocking breaks down.

“Tony Romo is our quarterback, and the way we’re going to go is the way Romo goes.”

Jones seems to be tying himself to Garrett and Romo, so even if he brought in a separate GM, they wouldn’t have a whole lot of room to maneuver. But you have to wonder why Jones won’t remove himself as the team’s GM if he says another person performing that way would have been fired. It’s probably a pride thing for the man who has such an enormous ego.

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    DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!

    JERRY    I SAY DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ET6XKRSFWOYV7K532S4HADQWEY Dora

    If he did fire himself, he’d just hire another puppet and continue to be the real general manager and coach.  Nothing would change.  Sadly.

  • jescott418

    I think Jerry is the Cowboys only problem. No they do have team problems such a Romo not being the quarterback that will take the Cowboy’s to another Superbowl or the fact that the team is in disarray and can find a lot of ways to lose a game. But in the end it’s Mr. Jones that is unwilling to make changes that keeps Dallas from being a winning team. He needs to step away and let someone else manage day to day management of the Cowboy’s.

  • 48boomer

    Dora is correct. Neither Jones nor Garrett give a fat rat’s piece of cheese about “America’s Team”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=715294028 Jimmy Ray Wix

    He never  does answer any question directly does he!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JGR4M4YTZXM22OICCEBLMHR4RE roger

    Don’cha just live it?!  Did you see the horrible tacklling?  Tony Homo failing again at crunch time?  Here’s my prediction:  Boyz go at best 4 – 4 the second half of the season and miss playoffs again.    They loss once to Eagles and Skins, beat hapless Saints and get taken apart by Steelers.  7 and 9 won’t get you there, Dallass fans.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JGR4M4YTZXM22OICCEBLMHR4RE roger

     “America’s Team.”  HA!  That fantasy ended when Landry left.  Now there’s nothing buy wannabes, just like the town they play in.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6IF4J5UPFVQRDR6POYKIQNJKZU Steve

    The season ticket holders need to boycott the remaining home games. Embarass Jerry  and he might just shut up for awhile.

  • Blitzin

    Make no mistake; Jerry Jones does love the Cowboys and wants to succeed as GM. He just don’t know how. He is leading Dallas the way he wants it to be, not the way it is capable of being. That is why he has confidence in JG and Romo. JG will lead the Cowboys down the Garden Path and thru the Poison Ivy and never produce a winner, As far as Romo, yes he is a good ‘Catch Up’ QB but the problem is that they should be playing catch up style Football from the opening kick off. They will never win any thing this way except the freedom to be able to watch other teams play in the Playoffs. How many times has Romo been benched for bad playing? How many QBs should the GM have recruited over the past five years and how many has he actually recruited? Jerry is right. He should fire himself. He would have fired any other GM long before this because he knows deep down that with any other GM it would never get any better as it will not with the present GM.

  • Blitzin

    For most of my life I have believed that Coaches are Born and I donot think Jason Garrett was born to be a Coach. At least not an NFL coach.

  • CowboyfaninWYO

    I am speechless watching the Cowboys, I have been a fan my whole life and I have never seen a more undisciplined team in my life. I agree with other comments about firing himself, but as professional athletes take some accountability. Get off the field on third down defense. No more horrible penalties on third down and horrible attempts to tackle. Dez Bryant, REALLY??? Are you ever going to grow up and play football. You play football because you love it? Then act like it!!! Romo cannot keep playing catch up football every game, some of it is his fault, but he cannot pull out an etch a sketch and show the receivers where to go each play. I really liked the JG hiring but am falling out of love with it day by day, the Ravens game showed me that JG has not been doing his job as a coach, your team should know what a 2 minute drill looks like because you should practice this over and over until it is habit. Jerry we are dying here for a winning season and a team that looks like they want to play football,
     Do something for the fans!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004339177436 Sergio Lletram

    Reminds me of Al Davis

  • I2dipstick

    My my uncle Jed, when will you cut your coach and that goofy quarter back. He can’t even wear his star hat facing forward. Yes, you need to make some changes…