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Monday, June 18, 2018

Kenny Britt Sacked by the LBS Nut Bag for Leading Police on Car Chase

If we were taking bets on which NFL wide receiver would be the next one to get arrested, I’m pretty sure I would have thrown money on Kenny Britt. If you run such a deranged pool, step on down because you can now collect your winnings. FOXSports.com reported late Tuesday evening that Tennessee Titans receiver Kenny Britt was arrested on three charges after leading police on a chase in his hometown of Bayonne, New Jersey.

A sergeant at the Bayonne police department confirmed the arrest to LBS and told us Britt was charged with eluding a police officer (a felony), lying to an officer hindering apprehension, and obstructing governmental function (both misdemeanors). According to the police report which was described to LBS over the phone, Britt was doing 71mph in a 50-mph zone when an officer tried to stop his vehicle. Britt, who was driving a blue Porsche, kept driving and began weaving in and out of traffic. He later exited the freeway, and when police caught up to the vehicle, both Britt and his passenger were walking away from the car.

Britt denied to officers that he was driving, though he later admitted it was his car and that he was driving. His passenger, Jerel Lord a former football player at Bayonne, tried to flee on foot. The Lord was mortal for a day and was eventually caught and charged with marijuana possession after it was discovered he had some drugs on his person. Both men were released on summons to appear in court.

The news of the arrest, car chase, and drug possession is no surprise for anyone who’s been following Kenny Britt. An immensely talented receiver out of Rutgers, he’s been a flake for the Titans who has gotten into bar fights and missed several games with injuries. He’s admitted his work ethic was poor his rookie season, but he emerged as an elite receiver this past season. He may not be able to stay out of trouble, but at least he’s smart enough to roll with an entourage who will take the drug rap for him. At least he managed to get that right.

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