Peter King on Jay Cutler Criticism: He Is Not Very Well Liked by Other Players

If you’re wondering where all the Jay Cutler criticism came from since he left last Sunday’s NFC Championship Game with a knee injury, SI’s Peter King has an answer. King, who like us felt that there are other quarterbacks in the league who would have played despite being hurt in that game, said one of the reasons the Vanderbilt product became a pinata is because of his standing amongst his peers.

Appearing on Boston sports radio station WEEI, King said “[Cutler’s] just not a guy who’s very highly regarded or very well liked by other players in the league.”

Aside from the jealousy factor amongst players eliminated from the playoffs, that sure helps explain where all the criticism comes from.

Cutler leaving the conference championship game with a knee injury was already a story by itself. The controversy was perpetuated and taken to a new level when all his peers piled on because players ordinarily defend and protect each other. Now we have an idea why they went on, and truthfully, it’s not surprising given what what we know about Jay.

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  • Anonymous

    And what do we know about Jay? That his teammates love him, that he played an entire season with undiagnosed Type I diabetes, that he never criticized his offense line or his receivers this year, although everyone else did. And this is why he deserves to be disliked?

  • Anonymous

    This is a haters world. Because the man keeps a low profile, and shows a cocky demeanor, the players don’t like him totally bulls*7st. I hope this motivates Cutler to be the quarterback we all expect him to be sometimes this is whats needed for athletes to succeed and better themselves. Hopefully this is the fuel that adds to the fire.

  • Anonymous

    We live in a haters world. So because this man shows a cocky demeanor, and proved his doubters wrong now they hate him? The Media has dogged Jay Cutler from the start of him wearing a Bears uniform and its trickled down to opposing players not liking him, that’s my belief. But I really hope this is the fuel that adds to his inner fire and he comes back and raise hell next year. Sometimes athletes need this motivation to be the player they’re meant to be and I hope Jay uses this as motivation.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ON2Q3PFLNA6D7X45KFWMIQOTVY Eric Z

    Peter King is to Roger Goodell as Kermit is to Jim Henson. Being the puppet of the sports entertainment industry has its perks though. You get to vote on Hall of Famers.

  • Anonymous

    “All his peers piled on” is a gross exageration. A few idiots who did not know the what they were talking about and were left eating crow piled on. A qb who played behind the lowest rated O line in the NFL and had a receiver corps that was rated low leads his team to the final four is pretty impressive. He never complained, played his heart out, and supported his teammates. He gained my respect.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    It’s pretty clear that Cutler is a polarizing figure to the public and rest of the NFL. That seems pretty undeniable. The guy is really tough in terms of the hits he withstood throughout the season, but I firmly believe other quarterbacks would not have come out of the game.

  • http://twitter.com/sentinel519 ellis bowers


  • http://twitter.com/sentinel519 ellis bowers

    OMG you people are insane!! He is and will always be a terrible QB he is worse than Grossman. At least he had the balls to play injured or at least try. Chicago has the worst luck with QBs hopefully that Drama Queen will be fired or sent to the practice squad and let that 3rd stringer Heanie take his place. Culter has sucked since day one!!!!!!!