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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Rex Ryan has lost 120 pounds, weighs 230 pounds, 36-inch waist

Rex Ryan weight lossWe were impressed last May when Rex Ryan revealed he already lost 90 pounds since undergoing lap band surgery in March 2010. We’re even more impressed after learning that Ryan has dropped a total of 120 pounds since the surgery and is now looking pretty svelte.

The New York Jets head coach spoke with the New York Post about running with the bulls in Spain and his weight loss. Ryan says the idea of running in Pamplona came from his son, and that they went as a family. He did admit to cheating by not running the full half-mile, but who’s really blaming him?

As for the major weight loss, Ryan says he became alarmed when he stepped on the scale prior to the 2009 AFC Championship Game and saw he weighed 348 pounds. The defensive-minded coach said he thought he was around 300 or 310 pounds, so that moment was an eye-opener. He told The Post he had health concerns because he knew that few people who are that heavy live past 50. Ryan had tried all sorts of diets during his life but nothing worked until the lap band.

[Photo: Rex Ryan before and after weight loss]

“Obviously I overate and I did all that type of stuff, but I never changed my habits. When I was a kid I ate the same way. My metabolism slowed way down,” Ryan told The Post.

“I never changed anything that I do diet-wise, so I’m not the best patient the lap band’s ever had. I don’t follow the vegetables… I don’t do anything right. I just lost 120 pounds. I’ll go and I’ll split an entree with my wife. It is crazy how it’s changed my life.”

Tons of people in the country struggle with their weight and their efforts to lose the extra pounds. Ryan may have employed an unconventional method of weight loss by undergoing the surgery, but you cannot dispute his successful results. Congratulations to him on his accomplishment.

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