Former NFL DL Travis Johnson: ‘Tony Romo is a thief, hasn’t earned a dollar’

Michael-Irvin-pressure-on-Tony-RomoFormer Houston Texas defensive lineman Travis Johnson is not the only person who believes Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is overpaid. Romo agreed to a six-year, $108 million deal with the Cowboys earlier this offseason that reportedly includes $55 million guaranteed. Is it too much? Maybe. But is he a horrendous quarterback who is worth absolutely nothing? I wouldn’t go that far.

During a recent discussion on CSN Houston, Johnson went off on Romo for being a “thief” who has been handed everything and won nothing.

“When Tony Romo got to Dallas he had everything around him and was a loser,” Johnson said. “At one time he had five Pro Bowlers on the offensive line. They have no passing game, so nobody’s worried about the run.”

Johnson was just getting warmed up. His colleagues kept trying to remind him that the Cowboys have had plenty of other problems outside of Romo, but the former first-rounder out of Florida State couldn’t be stopped. Since the show is based in Houston, the subject briefly changed to Texas quarterback Matt Schaub. Johnson worked that into his criticism of Romo.

“Tony Romo has not earned a dollar he’s been given in this league,” Johnson said. “Matt Schaub will get the job done. I believe in him. I played with him and against him. He can take this team to a Super Bowl. Can he win a Super Bowl? I don’t know. It’s a whole different ballgame once you get there. But he can take this team to a Super Bowl.

“Tony Romo is not that guy. He is a thief. They need to bring him up on federal charges right now. He’s killing the franchise.”

As we have touched on several times in the past, Romo has made a number of poor decisions in the clutch that have cost the Cowboys. Having said that, he has thrown for more than 9,000 yards and 59 touchdowns over the past two seasons. His career passer rating is 95.6.

Is Romo a choker? As of now, I don’t see how you could argue otherwise. But good quarterbacks are tougher than ever to find. Romo needs to prove he can win the big game, but Dallas could do worse at his position.

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  • Joe Thomas

    Who is this guy? When did Romo have 5 pro bowl guys on the o-line? Saying the Cowboys have no passing game, are you serious? Romo has finished in the top 5 for yards 3 times. Saying Schaub is better and take can them to the promised land, and then saying “well i don’t know if he can win it all” – how slow is this guy?

    Romo has more wins, tds, passing yards and a better qb rating for his career, than Schaub does. Johnson, get a clue and shut your mouth.

  • Billy__Goat

    This guy was a 1st rounder and only had 3 sacks in a short and worthless career… Travis is just hating cause he never got paid.. Its ironic that this clown is calling out Romo for his over paid contract but this yahoo got 1st round money and didn’t do squat. Go earn a decent career instead of target practicing off guys still in the league!

  • Charles Drengberg

    “Good QBs are tougher than ever to find”?


    Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Brees, Flacco, Luck, Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, RG3, Kaepernick, Stafford, Schaub, Cam, Bradford, Dalton, and even Rivers. Seems to me good QBs are growing on trees right now.

  • Charles Drengberg

    and why is no one talking about how dumb his receivers are? half the time Dez Bryant and Ogletree don’t even know where to line up in a hurry up offense.

  • mtcowboyfan

    Who the he– is this guy? never heard of him. he is the one that sounds like a thief. a 1st rd pick and nobody outside of Houston knows who the he– he is. all this has been never was ever did was cash his check.

  • Vincent

    I agree totally, I am a season ticket holder and I’ve yet to see Tony win a big game. I’ve been pulling my hair out with our so call leader at QB. My
    disappointment started with the last big game at Texas Stadium , we lost with Tony at the helm. Next big game was the first at COWBOYS new states of the art stadium, we lost again…and it just keep going on, and on, and on…like the energizer’s bunny. Number don’t mean anything if you can’t every get to a playoff game and win. Come on people, put the
    kool aid down.

  • Troy

    All Romo is an over paid quarterback. He throws more games to make bookies happy. Its seems to me that cares more about keeping the bookies happy than building up his teammates up. If calling him a theif makes a persons happy than so be it. Romo is an average player qith a big head nothing more. The owner Jerry and his coaches are the ones that should under attack. they are the dumb ones for paying Romo to much. For the simple fact that Romo is lazy,mand all he has accomplished is ruining Dallas’s image, just like Jerry is doing.

  • Joe Rico

    Romo, should have stood with Jessica Simpson, it was his only good year.

  • mtcowboyfan

    That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve heard yet. The wwf page is waiting for you.

  • mtcowboyfan

    This Johnson fool is just trying out for hugh douglas old job, he will fit rite in with the rest of the has been, never was losers on espn.