Alex Rodriguez Dating Ex-WWE Diva, Playboy Model Torrie Wilson?

Alex Rodriguez was spotted working out at a gym in Boise, Idaho earlier this week, and now we may know why: It looks like he’s involved with former WWE diva Torrie Wilson.

A former sports reporter told the Idaho Statesman that A-Rod was at the gym working out with the former Playboy model. Wilson is a Boise native and won the Miss Galaxy fitness competition. We all know A-Rod likes the bulky, muscular women, so Wilson certainly fits his profile.

Sportress of Blogitude informs us that A-Rod was photographed in Cabo this week with a blonde, who we believe is Wilson. The Daily Mail says he’s on vacation with George Clooney, and his girlfriend, Stacy Keibler, who is also a former WWE diva.

A-Rod broke up with Cameron Diaz in June and has been on the market since.

See how Torrie compares to all the other muscular women Alex has dated.

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    He is so Interesting to date with his girl friend.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-A-Henry/100000487394530 Dave A. Henry

    Who said cheaters never prosper? He used the juice like hundreds of pro atheletes (maybe most do) and now women chase the 100 million dollar lottery atheletes. What will he teach his kids if he ever marries or settles down? The end justifies the means. That’s where daddy got this house. Hope a gold digger gets him and takes him to the cleaners. Her second husband can be a moral guy.

    I blame the pro leagues (owners) more for not insisting on mandatory drug tests for all competitors. If you can’t guarantee a level playing field then you encourage cheating. But maybe that’s what the fans want. Not me.