Dog the Bounty Hunter going after War Machine for Christy Mack

Dog-the-Bounty-HunterWar Machine, aka Jon Koppenhaver, is currently wanted by police in the wake of his alleged beating of Christy Mack on Friday. Mack released a series of gruesome photos on Monday that show the injuries she claims the former Bellator MMA fighter inflicted on her, and police have reportedly issued seven arrest warrants for War Machine.

Police are looking for War Machine, and so is Duane “Dog” Chapman. As many of you know, Chapman is the star of the reality TV series’ “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.” He tweeted early Tuesday morning that he is going after War Machine.

Chapman has already been tweeting at various people to try to get some information on War Machine’s whereabouts. While Chapman has been spoofed on shows like “Southpark,” he has actually captured a few fugitives, including serial rapist Andrew Luster in 2003.

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H/T LBS reader Rory C.

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  • JuggyBohab .

    YEA!!!! GET EM DOG!!

  • Tommy Murphy

    Yeah, only Warmachine Aka Jon Koppenhaver is a fringe world class Welterweight Mixed Martial Artist practically a trained killer with his limbs, at 5’11 and weighing close to 200lbs out of camp, not some drunken rednecks this fool is used to dealing with.. “Dog” is a 5’7 overweight racist tramp with a dodgy mullet that likes to preach the bible! I’m not sure the bear mace will help him here, I’d leave it to the actual professionals if I were Dog!

  • Lucipher Gomez

    Don’t know why you are ragging on dog. He actually has the guts to go after fugitives and criminals. If you are not willing to do it then shut up and go back to your Doritos and ufc.

  • kanes corporate attire

    I’m after war machine as Jacob goodnight !!!

  • John Fleischmann

    Yes this is a real criminal not some actor but perhaps we’ll get the proverbial two for the price of one. Dog will get this pussy and in the process both will end up DEAD! Nice to have a dream.

  • pcpeeps

    Dog the Bounty Hunter trying to resurrect his lame TV show. Nothing more.

  • pcpeeps

    Uh, Dog needs a small army backing him up along with a TV crew to chase down anyone.

  • BosephHeyden

    Two words: bear mace.