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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Jerry Sandusky Talks About Throwing Kids a Rope, Being Touched, in Creepy Video

This video of Jerry Sandusky appearing on a 2007 Penn State tailgate show on WHVL is disturbing for a few reasons. Not only is the word choice employed by Sandusky ominous — he uses the phrase “touched” and talks about throwing kids a rope — but this video also shows us how oblivious people were to Sandusky’s nature as a sexual predator as recently as four years ago.

If this was the public perception of Sandusky in 2007, can you understand why so many people are so shocked now? Doesn’t it make sense why so few people in the Penn State athletic community seriously addressed the allegations?

It’s also horrifying to see how much people were fooled about this guy. They thought he was providing a wonderful community service when all along he was a sexual monster ruining the lives of several young boys.

via Jimmy Traina

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