Video: Chase Utley Drops F-Bomb in Victory Parade Speech

For anyone who heard Chase Utley drop an f-bomb on the baseball fans that booed him in the All-Star game at Yankee Stadium, the speech he delivered Friday in Philadelphia would not be surprising. For those who did miss that window into his personality, the following video is probably pretty astounding. This is All-Star second baseman and World Series champion Chase Utley addressing thousands of Phillies fans in person, and several more thousand on live TV. Warning: the language by Utley and the fans is strong.

OK, a few things. I’m not sure who has the balls (stupidity?) to say something like that in front of all the kids at the stadium, not to mention all those watching on TV. Secondly, judging by the way Jayson Werth jumped up behind him, it seemed as if Utley had won a bet with his teammates by saying the F-word. Lastly, is there anything more emblematic of Utley and Philly fans than those three words? I think not. The fans sure ate it up!

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  • Louise

    What’s the big deal anyway. You can walk down any street, or any school for that matter, and hear the F word. It is one of the most used words out there. Kid hear is in grade school all the time. How many people have never said that word. A very small minority and those are the ones that are so up set. Get over it and stop dwelling on it so that you can forget about until you are outside of your home walking down the street, driving in your car when out of no where some yells that F word out again, reminding you of that great speech made by Chaese. Almost everyone had the same thought, at least he spoke his mind.
    Good for him. We love him even more. A moment in history.

  • Astounded

    My family could not attend the parade, but made sure to get home early enough from work/school to watch the ceremony. My nine year old son is obsessed with Utley…will only wear his shirts and wants to watch every thing he does on the field. He couldn’t wait for Utley to take the mic, and so when Utley finally delivered his not-necessary words, my son had only one comment~ “I’ll never wear his shirt again!” My child knew it was inappropriate but a multi-million dollar role model to thousands of children did not. It’s sad that he did not consider the 7, 8, and 9 year olds watching. Yes, they do hear the word other places, but not usually from people they idolize and respect. It’s a shame.

  • http://xxxx sunny cook

    Yeah, I think a word like flippin would have been effective and funny. I mean you don’t have to go the whole distance and use that F bomb. It is okay for the locker room, but the kids actually want to hear something else.

  • http://LarryBrownSports Disappointed

    I agree with Astounded. Role models have a responsibility to the kids that idolize them. I wish he had apologized and stated that kids should not repeat this word and that he was wrong to use it, especially in a public arena. I was also disappointed that the others Phillies laughed and applauded after they heard him. The problem is that too many people think like Louise. Words that were once used sparingly to convey anger and frustration are now becoming common place. It’s sad.

  • pat

    honestly, if you are offended by this.. do us all a favor and stay out of any major city. You will hear this word more times than you can count. And if your kid is offended by Chase saying it, please convert to a Mets fan because you are not truly worthy of cheering for Philadelphia and you and your son are the ones growing up who got there asses kicked for being pansies. Grow a pair!

  • dave

    to pat
    couldnt have said it better myself. this was a philly guy talking to a philly crowd. it was the most beautiful thing ive ever heard. it brought a tear to my eye :-) way to go chase!!

  • amelia bedila

    are you new here?…why are these players your children’s role models? wanting to reach the career goals that sports players reach is great, but expecting them to behave in a way that helps you raise your children is stupid…there is so much trash in the news about sports players these days…nothing about chase though… keeps his business to himself…decent guy…why don’t you be your children’s role model…tell them that cursing in most situations is inappropriate, but if you win the world series its ok…..chase said so…


  • C-NRA

    Time and place, this was neither!

  • Tres

    one can undestand the excitement of the moment, but have some class. Philly fans are already degraded all over the country, thanks Chase for helping to degrade Philly once again.

  • jerzeeblackbear

    Way to go Phillies and there was nothing wrong with what Utley said. A Philly crowd and a Philly player. Shame on the network for not having a tape delay since the same language could be heard all throughout the afternoon broadcast from the crowds in the street.

  • Kate

    I’m a 23 year old female born and raised in Philadelphia and watching Philadelphia sports, mainly Phillies & Eagles. I have never had the feeling of our sports teams winning a Championship.

    I was fortunate enough to be at (both parts) of game five of the World Series. It was the single greatest moment of my life. After years and years of heartbreak and headaches over the teams that I’ve stood by season after season came down to one pitch, one moment. I think I speak for all Philly fans when I say that we were expecting Henske to swing and hit that final ball and drag out the series even longer.

    While at game 5.5 there was a family made up of a father, mother and two young children after the final pitch who was recording everything with a video camera dropping the f-bomb left and right. Honestly, if you’re going to complain that there were children at the parade & in the stadium, there is no room for such complaint. Anyone with half of a brain should expect to open their child up to foul language if you’re going to take them to a Philadelphia sporting event, or ANY sporting event for that matter!

    Was I disappointed in Chase Utley for his potty mouth? Yes.
    Do I think he should be fined by MLB? Probably, it would be understandable.
    Do I think he should be fined by the FCC? Absolutely not, that parade was on a seven second delay and it isn’t Chase’s fault that the person at the censor button fell asleep.

    You may think he’s a low life piece of garbage and a jerk. He’s my second baseman who gets to sport a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ring for my PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    It’s just a shame that the Phillies can’t capitalize on the entire “World Phucking Champions” garb being sold on cafépress.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go scope out which cars I will flip tonight if my candidate wins…or loses.