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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Thomas DeCoud plays ‘Meow’ game during ‘SportsCenter’ interview (Video)

Atlanta Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud joined “SportsCenter” for an interview on Thursday, and he played a hilarious a game/prank on the show. As Deadspin pointed out, DeCoud went all “Super Troopers” on unsuspecting host Bram Weinstein by saying the word “meow” in place of “now” 14 times. Observe the hilarity:

DeCoud got the idea from the cult classic movie “Super Troopers,” where one of the policemen in the movie wins a bet with his partner by saying the word “meow” 10 times during a traffic stop:

Naturally, being the out-of-touch tool that he is, Weinstein didn’t notice what was going on. He only later realized what had happened and tweeted DeCoud:

Weinstein also claimed on Twitter that he was a fan of “Super Troopers,” yet he didn’t pick up on it. Sure Bram, we believe you.

The best part about DeCoud playing the “Meow Game” is how the prank went viral on the ‘net. It even reached Jay Chandrasekhar, who wrote, directed, and acted in the movie. He and DeCoud shared a nice exchange over Twitter:

So if DeCoud makes an appearance in a future Broken Lizard film, you’ll know why. And if they don’t figure out a role for him, hopefully they’ll at least find a way to weave this picture of DeCoud into something:

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