Hey Melo, That’s the Ticket!

Longtime LBS readers know that Carmelo Anthony is one of the site favorite targets to pick on. Problem is since appearing in a video promoting the message of “don’t snitch” — which prevents the law from taking its course against criminals — Melo hasn’t done a whole lot bad. Sure, there was Captain Limpwrist’s brush with hand-to-hand combat at the Garden, but since then, not much. He even told us in July that there would be “No more drama” for him. Yeah, whatever. Then how do you explain getting arrested right before the playoffs are about to start?

Coach George Karl even acknowledged that the arrest was a distraction for the team, “In a lot of ways, we’re a family, and we feel the pain of the distraction — and we also feel for him. I think we have all made mistakes.” Much like Brandon Marshall who got busted for DUI right after a Broncos win, Melo celebrated by getting hammered. I don’t get how Carmelo couldn’t hold off on his partying until after the season. And why not hire someone to drive for you? Given Melo’s clear lack of focus, I would be surprised to see Denver take their playoff series to six games.

By the way, Melo gets bonus points for having a priceless mug shot. Anyone else think it could be swapped out for a head shot of LenDale White without any hesitation?

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  • SpinMax

    I hate em, I’ve been crushing this guy on the air for years as one of the biggest frauds in sports.

    1. college- Carmelo is a fun loving innocent kid
    2. Melo caught with weed…it’s not mine!
    3. Melo follows up with commercials where his butler brings him and a kid milk and cookies…cause he’s a fun loving innocent kid.
    4. Melo debuts his shoe, goes thug for a week and the stop snitching video hits.
    5. Melo follows up with commercial where he plays basketball with little kids…cause he’s a fun loving innocent kid too.
    6. Melo starts brawl in New York and of course runs for his life.
    7. Melo follows up with more PR commercials showing what a fun loving innocent kid he is.
    8. Melo gets dui
    9. just wait for the next round of commercials

    I hate em

  • JS

    If Melo gets suspended for any part of next season, maybe O.J. Mayo can reciprocate and give him two floor seats to a game.

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