Jameis Winston’s girlfriend Breion Allen makes 1-handed touchdown catch (Video)

Breion Allen catchJameis Winston had some fun on Instagram Wednesday, posting a few videos of him doing big things on a practice field. But nothing can top what his girlfriend did.

Included in the videos he posted was a clip of him throwing a pass to his girlfriend, Breion Allen, in the end zone for a touchdown. Allen impressively runs a post pattern and makes a one-handed grab for the score. She wanted to go up and dunk the ball as celebration, but she couldn’t quite make it.

Allen, you may recall, plays basketball at Rice, so that explains her impressive skills.

Not to be outdone, here’s Jameis throwing himself a deep pass and snagging it like a couple of crab legs:

Just like Sid Luckman.

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  • Matt

    Seems like a very very cool girl. I wish she (and any other woman in her situation) valued herself enough to drop this dirtbag. At best he doesn’t respect her enough to not cheat and, at worst, to not rape.

  • Cue

    You’re an idiot. A) You don’t know if they were a couple when the alleged incident happened. B)How many times have women cried rape with high profile athletes and been found lying? C)You’re and idiot

  • Matt

    Actually I do know that they were a couple at the time, so I’d say you’re the one making assumptions. You could probably take a few min and educate yourself on the situation and likely find evidence that they were together at the time of the alleged rape. If you think women in her situations should stick with their men, I’m happy that you disagree with me so vehemently and I imagine we’d disagree on many things so there’s not point in trying to convince you. I’m an adult, though, so I was happy to discuss the issue without personally insulting you.