Maker’s Mark Billboard Pokes Fun at Michigan Football

Those chaps over at Maker’s Mark are probably patting themselves on the back for the extra publicity they’ve received from their ad. Maybe this will be a trend in the advertising field. Or not, considering mgoblog is considering a boycott on behalf of Michigan. Anyway, check out the large banner appearing in Columbus that has Michigan fans so upset, from mgoblog via Will Brinson at FanHouse.

Well, give them an “A” for creativity, and another prize for honesty considering Wolverine fans probably needed lots of liquid to get them through a 3-9 season last year. I guess the one downside to this sort of “attack ad” would be Michael Jordan’s famous quote on why he didn’t endorse Democrats in politics — “Republicans buy sneakers, too” he famously said. Maybe Maker’s never heard that one.

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  • http://www.UCLAradio.com the driver

    Just another reason why Maker’s Mark is one of my favorite bourbons.

  • Anders(on) Varejao

    It work’s both ways, toast your success or drown your sorrows. As a Michigan fan, I will be purchasing a bottle of Maker’s to help drown the sorrows.