Video: Knowshon Moreno Goes Airborne in Touchdown Run vs. Arizona State

I’ll be quick to admit that I’m not a huge college football fan and that my knowledge and enjoyment of teams and players is far more limited compared to my level of enthusiasm for other sports. That being said, I’m a huge fan of Knowshon Moreno and began to notice his brilliance last year during his freshman campaign. The guy is big, strong, runs fast, runs hard, can juke, can hurdle, can run you over — he’s the whole package. He’s a fantastic collegian and I expect him to be an incredible pro. If you don’t see what I’m talking about, then you need to check out the video of him hurdling the Central Michigan defender in the middle of a run. Well Knowshon just about performed an encore, scoring the first touchdown of the game against Arizona State, a nine-yard touchdown run in the 2nd quarter. Check it:

That dude was parallel to the ground he was so horizontal. He got like four or five feet of air on that one. Was he trying to score a touchdown or was he trying to set an Olympics record in the high jump? Moreno could probably give Adrian Wilson and Joey Gathright a run for their money. Interesting little tid bit: Moreno means “Brown” in Spanish. I think we’re distant cousins.

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  • Gene

    A very impressive game by the Georgia Bulldogs, although the Pac 10 (except for USC) is really weak this season.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Even if the conference is weak, they still took care of business. And aside from USC, the conference is awful.

  • http://maxsportz.com maxsportz

    Kid is great. his energy may be the best thing as far as being a fan of him . He is David Pollack on offense.

  • xL

    Everybody hates on the Pac 10, every year… and every year.. here come the Ducks.