Cushing Blames ‘Overtrained Athlete Syndrome’ for Positve Test

Has Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing been using steroids since high school?  Of course not.  He insists he hasn’t, so we have to believe him, right?  At first I was skeptical, but now we’ve got a medical diagnosis that supports Cushing’s denial.  The former USC star trains so hard for such an extended period of time that he’s become a product of “overtrained athlete suyndrome,” which supposedly spikes an athlete’s hCG levels and causes a testosterone imbalance.  Cushing tested positive for increased levels of hCG back in May, resulting in a four-game suspension:

Everything points to that overtrained athlete syndrome,” Cushing said, walking back to the Texans’ locker room after their afternoon practice. “I’m pretty sure it is. I’m pretty positive. I didn’t take anything. It’s not a tainted supplement. So all roads lead to that.”

Does it get any more lame than this?  I don’t think anyone has to go further than reading the name of the syndrome before wanting to laugh.  I bet members of the AP will buy this excuse, but I certainly don’t.  It’s funny how we’ve never heard of such a thing with any other player who’s tested positive for a steroid-related substance.

First, Cushing supposedly feared he had a tumor that was resulting in elevated levels of hCG in his body.  It was a valiant attempt at playing the sympathy card, but naturally it turned out to not be the case.  Now, we have “overtrained athlete syndrome.”  If nothing else, Cushing’s camp certainly gets an “A” in the creativity category.  I don’t think we’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing such obscure excuses.  For now, I recommend everyone stay tuned and enjoy the ride.  You never know what we might hear next, but it will probably be hilarious.

“Overtrained athlete syndrome” will be blamed for Cushing’s suspension [ProFootballTalk]
Excitement is building in St. Louis; Texans are fighting for Cushing [SI.com]

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I hear he's been using Nick Naylor as a consultant lately.

  • gooey

    At the risk of spamming, im going to repost this here

    Does anyone take 5 seconds to google anything anymore?

    A study from Rice university highlighted symptoms of Overtrained Athelete Syndrome in 1998; it existed far prior to Cushing’s allegations. Amongst these listed symptoms is a decreased level of testosterone production. When testosterone decreases, the body tries to compensate be releasing hCG, which counteracts some of the physiological side effects of testosterone deficiency.

    These symptoms do also accompany steroid usage, which is why hCG is tested for.

    The condition is quite rare, and most never even know they have it if they do. Given the tiny odds of reaching the professional level as an athlete, combined with the equally small odds of having the condition, as well as the testing rate for athletes, it should be understandable if this condition hasn’t come up before.

    I’m not saying I believe Cushing or that he is in any way innocent, but this is not a made up condition. Anyone who thinks to use google or wikipedia could tell you that. It sounds like BS, it looks like BS, it smells like BS, but there is an outside (albeit VERY outside) chance that this excuse is real.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HX7ZSHTFXURBGSPVYBNYSS7YB4 Frederick Puccini

    There are so many players who take the steroids and improve there performance.. This is totally wrong with others and such people should be thrown out of the game for ever so that others think before opting it in life..

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