Eric Mangini 1, Bill Belichick 0

Looks like the head games the Patriots’ mastermind was trying to play during the week only served as motivation for the Browns. Who saw a 34-14 win coming for Cleveland? Certainly not me, but Colt McCoy and Peyton Hillis sure were studly against the Pats. Two New England fumbles were critical to them getting blown out, but even if they got those scores they did a poor job stopping Cleveland’s suddenly punishing rushing attack.

That’s the second time Mangini got a weak handshake from Belichick. I don’t know about you, but I sure as heck would want to wipe that smirk off Mangini’s face, that’s for sure. Nice win by his Browns. They’re not even close to a being a playoff team but at least they’re playing hard.

Photo Credit: Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

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  • Anonymous

    That picture is classic.

  • Anonymous

    That pic is classic. Bill thinks he’s dissing Eric, but he’s just douching himself.

  • Anonymous

    Bah I’m not phased by that. Story for me is how idiotic teams like this are deadset to bench winners like McCoy all year because they don’t think they’re ready. Ive said it a thousand times, let them play. See what they have. There are more kurt warners, tom bradys tony romos, etc out there but they never get a shot. Why doesn’t dallas start mcgee instead of kitna? They’re not gonna win anyway. it’s likely mcgee will stink too, but what if he doesn’t? What if you have a matt cassell you can trade for a 2nd rounder? drives me up the wall