Three Lions drafted in 2011 have been arrested for marijuana possession this offseason

The Detroit Lions have impressively hit on almost all of their draft picks last year. The Lions only made five selections in the 2011 draft and, incredibly, three of the players have been arrested for marijuana possession since their rookie season ended.

First-round pick defensive tackle Nick Fairley (pictured at left) was spotted speeding in Mobile, Ala., Tuesday and was pulled over where marijuana was found in his possession. He was charged with a misdemeanor.

Second-round pick running back Mikel Leshoure missed his arraignment Monday for a marijuana possession charge. Leshoure was pulled over March 12 because the car he was riding in didn’t signal a lane change. The car apparently reeked of weed, and an officer saw Leshoure cramming the herb into his mouth. He was also arrested on Feb. 18 for marijuana possession.

Seventh-round pick offensive tackle Johnny Culbreath (pictured at right) was arrested at a hotel in South Carolina for marijuana possession on January 25. He paid a fine for the charge to close the case.

The Lions were already considered semi-dirty because of their lack of discipline for Ndamukong Suh, and because of the way coach Jim Schwartz got into it with Jim Harbaugh. Now they’re developing a reputation for being the jail blazers of the NFL. If they keep this up, they’ll replace the Bengals as the most undisciplined team in the NFL.

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  • Anonymous

    One more reason to legalize marijuana.

    We might as well start arresting people that drink alcohol and make them look like criminals. Mind you, alcohol has more adverse effects than marijuana will ever have.

  • Anonymous

    It’s beginning to look more and more like some folks are not doing their homework.
    The individual draft position of each one of these three idiots fell considerably last year. No less than 31 NFL teams passed on them (wonder why?)…but one team picked them all (wonder why?). 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000270870803 Kenneth Williams

    Big deal. So some NFL jocks are busted with weed. It’s just a freaking game people!