Ndamukong Suh kicked Matt Schaub in the groin, but no, he’s not dirty

Ndamukong Suh has wasted a lot of breath defending himself against assertions that he’s a dirty player, but after his actions on Thanksgiving for the second straight year, he is out of excuses.

The Detroit Lions defensive lineman had fallen over on a first-quarter pass from Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub when his foot made contact with Schaub’s manly region. Knowing that Schaub was next to him, Suh extended his leg and kicked the quarterback in the groin.

In an effort to remain fair, many people have said they are not sure if the kick was intentional, but there’s no doubt in my mind he did it intentionally. He knew exactly where Schaub was and made a kicking motion with his foot on purpose.

Schaub was ticked about the play after the game, according to Houston Chronicle reporter Tania Ganguli.

“I have no comment about that play or that player,” Schaub said.

He might not have a comment, but we do. It was a dirty play from a notoriously dirty player. And the interesting part is that Suh is making it a Thanksgiving tradition to stomp — or kick — his opponent. See Suh? This is exactly why you rank as the least-liked played in the NFL.

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  • Gene

    Look for the league to fine and suspend him since he is a repeat offender and seems to do his dirtiest work on the big Thanksgiving stage.