Roddy White, Victor Cruz, Tyrann Mathieu send regretful George Zimmerman tweets

George Zimmerman was acquitted on Saturday in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, and the Florida jury’s findings caused an uproar among many people. A few athletes shared their thoughts on the acquittal, and the results were some pretty tasteless tweets.

Arizona Cardinals defensive back Tyrann Mathieu said the verdict “make you wanna scream free Aaron Hernandez.”

Mathieu deleted that tweet.

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz predicted that Zimmerman would be killed as people in the hood got revenge:

Victor Cruz George Zimmerman

He deleted that tweet.

And then Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White said the jurors who acquitted Zimmerman should “kill themselves” for their decision:

White’s Twitter feed is a stream of controversy, so it’s no surprise he has not deleted.

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Lest you think all athletes said stupid things regarding the verdict, I’ll share with you the sensible thoughts of linebacker Jonathan Vilma:

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  • Raymond Chuang

    I think Mathieu and Cruz are going to be “read the riot act” by the NFL league offices and the upper managements at the Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants respectively. “Stay Classy,” as that old saying from “Anchorman” goes….

  • muhamedikbar

    I hope Cruz and White drop every pass thrown their way….#assclowns

  • Ed Lucas

    victor cruz is a thug and giants should drop this guy before he becomes the next aaron hernandez

  • dmb

    I give Mathieu less than one season before he gets in trouble.

  • AngloSaxonDNA

    Good for them for expressing themselves. U mad?

  • Tom

    I’ve had it with pro sports. Thank you Victor Cruz for opening my eyes. You and your thug player buddies can’t stitch a proper sentence together, yet you feel that your qualifications regarding the legal system trumps that of the experts. George Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY. Ego-maniacal chumps comes to mind. Way to fan the flames you ignorant jerks.

  • Steve Thompson

    Cruz’s comment should be outright condemned. It is clearly worse than any anti-gay comment. Someone could use it to justify violence.

    Yet, watch the liberal media give this one a pass.

  • mrhoops44

    time for everyone to boycott the National Felon League

  • theophilus166

    I’m pretty sure the ones who were “expressing themselves” were the ones who were mad. And people who say ‘u mad?’ are douchebags.

  • joe low

    cruz you dance like a sissy and then have the nerve to talk about the hood. Hey cruz Im from the hood. can’t wait to meet you buddy

  • joe low

    cruz is a want to be thug. #cruzisstraightupab%$%h

  • spares28

    Where is the outrage? Where is the DOJ arresting Mathieu and Cruz for threats? We all need to turn to social media and demand THEIR arrest and prosecution, just like everybody did against Zimmerman. These NFL ego maniacs are no better than Hernandez, they want to kill everyone they do not agree with. If the Cardinals keep Mathieu, they are no better than the criminals that allow crime to permeate our society today. The cardinals will lose viewers and fans. This will be remembered as the Cardinals condoning this behavior. As for the Giants, it goes without saying, they already condone this type of behavior. These teams put MONEY ahead of morals.

  • biglipzulu

    Hmmm, will the NFL and NY Giants give their thumbs up to their players racist and threatening remarks or stand up to them the way they would if they made remarks about homosexuals? Let’s see if the NFL has a double standard and supports homosexuals over Hispanics like Zimmerman?

  • DaTruthHurz

    Just because you’re RICH, DON’T mean you’re NOT a DUMBASS PUNK! Cruz & White


    Roddy White should be FIRED AND LOSE ANY ENDORSEMENTS. What he said is 20 times worse than Paula Dean.

  • callvets

    If I were to say,” Thousands of Whites who are very angry over your racist comments, know exactly where you are every Sunday and you COULD be taken out by any intelligent person who really wants to do so”. Now, I ask you, would that be encouraging a threat to your life? Of course I’m speaking hypothetically, and you were much too stupid to do so.

  • Shilo

    They are all punks. If they actually felt moral outrage over the verdict, they would not have backed away from what they said. They apparently have no impulse control over what they say until someone points out it was inappropriate. Stupidity and a Twitter account are a bad combination.

  • Shilo

    You have to know what “class” is to stay that way, obviously none of them do…

  • patcol

    it’s called free speech people, you are hypocrites if your sitting behind your screen calling for their deaths for what they said

  • 4libertarian

    I read all of the above comments and did not see anyone calling for anyone’s death. Could you point out the comment you are referring to?

  • Marc Rodrigues

    Wait, WHAT?!?!? Cruz and White expressed the genuine rage, sadness, shock, anger and heartbreak that millions of Americans felt at this ridiculous verdict. On the other hand, Vilma goes and buys into the racist Fox “News” fearmongering about “riots” (THAT NEVER HAPPENED) and his tweet gets called sensible?!? Right in this article is a microcosm of what’s wrong with this country, and why a young, beautiful Trayvon is no longer walking the earth. As for Mathieu, now that’s just dumb.

  • patcol

    you obviously didn’t read mine either, I said IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF

  • AKIN

    How is he a thug? based on ONE tweet? please.

  • Rick Cooley

    It’s just like a politician, actor, or whoever who apologizes for saying something. Or worse, donald sterling.

  • Ibrahim Kamara

    Well bitch he didn’t so suck your racist dick bitch

  • Ibrahim Kamara

    Racist cock sucker bitch burn in hell