California Chrome owner Steve Coburn takes shot at Churchill Downs

Steve Coburn

Steve Coburn, the owner of California Chrome, took a shot at the folks at Churchill Downs after his horse won the Preakness Stakes on Saturday.

“I just want to thank all the people of Maryland for all the hospitality that they’ve shown us,” Coburn said in his post-race speech on NBC. “And Churchill, you need to take a lesson from this. You really, really do. Because these people have been absolutely fabulous.”

This is not the first time Coburn has taken a shot at the service/hospitality at Churchill Downs, and he’s not the first person to take exception with the way the track has handled people. As pointed out in the comments, Hall of Fame jockey Ron Turcotte wrote an article a few weeks ago complaining about the lack of accommodation from the folks at Churchill Downs. Our friend Rick Bozich also wrote about jockey Jean Cruguet having problems with Churchill Downs.

Why would he bring it up on national TV at that time? It’s obvious this is an issue he wants addressed. The man who founded “Dumbass Partners” wants to inspire some changes.

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  • Xctrygirl

    It goes back to what Rick Porter and Ron Turcotte’s previous statements about the Churchill Management group. Things are not good under the twin spires when it comes to showing respect and appreciation to horsemen, bettors and guests.


  • la mue

    does he think he would have been treated great had he not won the ky derby and how can you compare when the other people were not there

  • Lynetteharris

    With the jockey issues and Welker situation C Downs needs to work on PR.