Richie Incognito makes first comments, says ‘this will pass’

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Richie Incognito Richie Incognito was tracked down for his first comments since being suspended indefinitely by the Miami Dolphins on Sunday for his alleged mistreatment of teammate Jonathan Martin, who left the team last week.

WSVN-7’s Alex DiPrato caught up with Incognito as the lineman was leaving an appointment in Weston, Fla., on Tuesday.

Incognito told DiPrato he was “doing well” and then made some additional remarks.

“You know what, I’m just trying to weather the storm right now,” Incognito said. “This will pass.”

Though this is the biggest story in sports right now, Incognito’s probably right. Riley Cooper has been playing for the Philadelphia Eagles all season despite the video of him dropping an n-bomb on someone being released in July. Michael Vick made it back to the NFL (though he is still hated) despite being locked up in prison for financing a dog fighting ring.

Incognito already had multiple strikes against him when the Dolphins picked him up in 2010, but he’s played well enough in the past four seasons that we’re guessing this won’t be it for his NFL career. He might not be back with the Dolphins, but someone may pick him up down the line.

Oh, and to really upset some of you, WSVN says Incognito was inspecting a new Ferrari delivered to his home on Tuesday.

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  • guyjones

    Incognito really has the attitude of an entitled, lifelong bully and jock misfit whose idiotic behavior has been tolerated for a long time, and who has never been knocked down to size. That he is confident enough to state, essentially, that there won’t be any repercussions for his vile behavior speaks to his arrogance. This is an interesting teaching moment for the NFL. Will it look the other way, or respond with appropriate seriousness?

  • Billy__Goat

    And he’s right… The media is nothing but blood sucking leaches. A new story will come a long in the next few days and than another. Meanwhile in a few weeks Jonathon Martin will go on 60 minutes or the Today show and tell his sob story.. At that point Americans wont care because the have the attention span of a 2 year old

  • Billy__Goat

    What did he do wrong? Funny that every player is sticking up for him even African Americans.. Second trash talking and bullying goes on in sports everyday.. There are threats every day on the field. You would be a fool if you think there isn’t. You bought into the media’s agenda of making it another white on black racial story.

  • guyjones

    I didn’t “buy” into anything, as you put it, genius. And, frankly, the racial element is only part of the story. And, if you think that calling someone on the phone, calling them a “half-n!gger”, making threats against them and their family is just “trash-talk,” you’re the fool, and a naive one, at that. Even a pro-sports locker-room has to obey the law when it comes to harassment. There are federal and state laws that prohibit prolonged orkplace harassment, genius.

    This is about a guy out to make someone else’s life miserable. He’s been doing it his whole life, and only now has had to deal with the consequences and fallout.

  • Billy__Goat

    Read the latest on this story??? Martin had issues with other teamates. Martin Checked himself into a hospital to be evaluated. Every player sticking up for Incognito, Martin laughed about the voicemail to other players including Brian Hartline. The list goes on and on this guy was no victim. You’re just another dumb american that fell for the media’s constant trick on polarizing and dividing this nation. Wake up kid!