Richie Incognito dropped N-bomb during fit of rage at a bar with teammates (Video)

Richie Incognito DolphinsBy now, you probably could have predicted that the ongoing saga surrounding Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito is going to get worse before it gets better. Earlier, we showed you the details of a voicemail Incognito allegedly left teammate Jonathan Martin during which he hurled a racial slur at Martin and threatened to kill him. Now, we have a video of Incognito dropping an F-bomb during a fit of rage.

According to TMZ, the clip you see above shows Incognito at a pool hall called Dirty Blondes in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Incognito was with some teammates when something inspired him to take his shirt off and begin stomping around like a moron. At the start of the video, he appears to yell, “Mike Pouncey, n–ga!” It looks like Pouncey was there too, as you can see later in the video.

This didn’t seem to be a case of Incognito dropping the N-bomb to insult someone, but it gives us a better glimpse into the severity of his anger issues. I’m assuming he was wasted in the video, otherwise I have no idea what would inspire him to do something like that. Either way, he acted like a lunatic. Incognito obviously has some serious, serious issues, which is probably why the Dolphins have reportedly decided to cut ties with him.

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  • SpinMax

    I can’t wait to hear the BS message written by his agent, that is the next step, right?

  • Mac Smith

    I won’t even watch the video to g

  • EnnIsFor

    That looked more like posing and strutting around than it did “rage.” Guy’s still pretty messed up. And yo, pull up your damned shorts. What are you, a plumber?

  • Ronk25

    Sounds like Mr Incognito is in desperate need of some psychiatric attention. I hope (for his sake) that he can stop focusing on his football career and begin focusing on his mental health.

  • Nmc1496

    Looks like “roid” rage to me. I’d have his blood tested weekly if he stays in the league.
    It reminds me of the problems that they had with the steroids twenty years ago…..

  • Greg B

    If that video made Incognito “a lunatic” then I’ve met quite a few in my llfe. His actions are that of someone who is trying to bring something to a head. He’s pumping himself up to complete an action. Bolstering his resolve so to speak. It’s usually best to get away from them and let them come down. I have made the mistake of setting them off. Don’t want to do that again.

  • theslowrider

    Somewhat “high” on himself in this video, but I’ve seen worse. His groupies seemed excited, though.
    I think the Dolphins are very lucky Martin didn’t go postal on the whole team!

  • theslowrider

    If everything is true, his career is over.

  • chas territo

    I like how they review your comment before allowing it to post.Why? Is it to keep themselves free from criticism?

  • Don

    Richie is a spoiled punk, he should be banned from pro sports for life, there is no need in that crap, but it wouldn’t of been a big issue if it wasn’t for it being a black and white issue as it is. So the young player that got his feeling hurt needs to grow up and except things in life from idiots like Richie, play ball guys.

  • Hw Ww

    although I do not condone his action with mountain. This is a non story
    here. He was obviously goofing with Pouncey who was right there. It was fake rage and his use of the N word was for his boy. “MY N..” TMZ swooping in for the fake garbage like buzzards

  • http://www.streamingchurchesonline.com/ Tony W

    It seems this guy may have some serious issues…

  • Jim Fox

    He’s not the only one to blame. Those who agree with him and support his actions are just as responsible as he is. Individuals like this give sports a bad name.

  • M. Galpin

    C’mawn guys…isn’t this EXACTLY what is fostered on the field…unfortunately the NFL admin, team management, leaders, don’t do a good job of, or even attempt, to teach these KIDS that on field behavior does Not belong OFF the field. Yes Kids….until proven different.

  • Tom

    Let him go. NO time for such baloney

  • http://packer-madness.com/ NFL Madness

    I expected Miami to challenge for the division, but with this, they will be lucky to another game. Sounds like Philbin and the higher ups need to do some house cleaning.

  • otisrneedleman

    There’s a difference between the standard locker room razzing and bullying. In razzing, everyone gives about as good as they get. Bullies can only dish it out, they can’t take it. Wonder if anyone has ever really stood up to Incognito in his life. At any rate, Incognito isn’t a Dolphin any more, and he may well be too radioactive for any NFL club. Hope Incognito has invested his NFL earnings wisely. He’s going to need them sooner than he thought.

  • Gene Schlossberg

    I would suggest he live up to his last name for the near future.

  • Dennis Conner

    Roid rage…

  • Jim Evans

    It is called ” Roid Rage “

  • Jim Evans

    But he was using the ” N” word, which is uncalled for. If he was in a bar doing this, someone should of hit him over the head with a bar stool and knocked his ass out.