Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches acting homeless on Chicago streets

Siohvaughn Funches Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches has long been believed to be a tad bit on the nutty side (and that’s putting it nicely), and it looks like she completely went off the deep end on Friday.

As Deadspin reported, Funches was hanging out in the streets of Chicago holding a sign claiming she was homeless. Deadspin’s tipster says Funches was ranting about “$90 million contracts” and “houses on the water.”

Wade and Funches were high school sweethearts who have two children together. Wade filed for divorce from Funches in 2007, and things have been rocky since then. Their divorce got messy, with Funches complaining about everything including the size of presents Wade bought for girlfriend Gabrielle Union. Seriously. Siohvaughn was so nutty she had gone through nine lawyers in the divorce proceedings. Nine.

Recently she filed a lawsuit seeking more money from Wade, whom she claimed earned more money in endorsements to which she was entitled. Wade has sole custody of their sons.

“NBA Miami Heat Star mother of his children on the streets.”

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Siohvaughn Funches Dwyane Wade ex Chicago

Siohvaughn Funches Dwyane Wade

UPDATE: Here is the response from Dwyane Wade.

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  • MeladyV

    She’s nuts. It’s been YEARS since their divorce: time for her to move on. And people wonder why she lost custody of her kids–look at how she acts! She needs psychological help.

  • myrnique

    Nobody knows what’s really going on with them, its crazy that they were once so close but now she has to go threw this much to het his attention.

  • K.M

    This is ridiculousness! “I have never seen a million dollars at one time in my entire life!” If, this is what she was awarded with no children to care for financially. Why, in the heck is she on the streets? I am a single mother, whom has raised a child with little to know financial help, and I haven’t ever had to live on the streets. In doing this, it only makes her look awful. I know that money runs the world, and most times people with money can paint untrue pictures of those without it, but this is a misrepresentation of ones self. I was supportive of her, but I can not uphold this type of behavior. I believe high profile father’s take full custody of their children, to avoid high spousal support/ child support and in doing this are selfish of the children needs. Being a mother, “I couldn’t ever support taking children away from their mothers, only to have a live in stranger to play mommy!” This behavior should be carefully examined by the courts. If ,the children aren’t being abused nor neglected, I won’t ever support this action being taken against mothers. On the other hand, Dad’s should also have fair visitation rights etc. This is a general comment, not necessarily related t this case. Because, with this type of behavior, she has proven Dwayne, Gabrielle and the courts right!

  • 1hotshon

    She has officially crossed the line. The judge should cut her off and show her what homeless really means.

  • Gyrl Charley

    Sounds like ppl are taking his side on this issue because he is a celebrity. Remember they where high school sweet hearts, he allegedly lived with her family his last year in high school, and they were together all those years, yet now that he’s got swag and $$ she ain’t good enough for him. As the mother of his sons, if she has mental health issues (which it is rumored that she has) why didn’t he request that her $$ be put in trust knowing she was unstable and possibly unable to handle it. As they get older I can only hope that his sons will not suffer the humiliation of the actions/behavior of both of their parents. As for Gabriel Union – I doubt that she will be willing to play step-mother to his sons should his azz go broke.

  • jarell

    Gonna have to disagree with something you said, the part about fathers taking the kids to avoid paying. I think its actually worse for the mother to raise the kids and have some man trying to play the role of their father. Women typically allow their men to overstep their bounds. Men dont allow their women to rule over their children. I speak from personal experience having two parents who married other people and I would have preferred to have livee with my father and his wife as opposed to my mother and her husbands

  • Keishana Mahone

    I’m not speaking of this woman” taking over” but just the favt of her living in the home. She has to be playing “mommy” to some degree, it’s a females instincts, just for
    the sake of impressing the father. I don’t agree with the courts removing children from the care of their natural mothers ( unless being abused or neglected) only to put them in an household, where there is a strange woman whom in some form will be caring for the children. Ionly see this type of thing happen in high profile cases, where the father makes more money than the mother. I don’t agree with placing children in the home with daddy’s “unwed mistress,” no matter who she is!

  • italia58

    As a community we have a long, long way to go. Any time you hav the wife and mother of many years being referred to as a gold digger and the mistress being held up as the bastion of good taste cavorting in the press with the wife’s kids when she knows there is a contentious divorce taking place. Somthing is terribly wrong. The scorn and vitriol that has been heaped upon this womanall because on “PAPER” she supposedley received large sums of money that were never actually paid to her, she’s reaped all types of negative sentiments and told to go home basically ad sulk and hide and keep her mouth shut. Do you really think when Donald Trump divorced his wife Ivana that he wouldgo after her kids? No. Because the jewish community upholds family and he knew they would have torn him to pieces. What happens in our community? Siohvaughnn is depicted as a gold digger and mentally unstable because she is fighting tooth and nail for her children. No wonder our communities ae falling apart. From listening to thes comments over few days I been absolutely sickened, I am praying for Siohvaughnn all the way. ALLTHE WAY. The evil men do are interred with their bones.