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Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Yankees’ Clint Frazier dealing with foot issue

Clint Frazier

The New York Yankees have dealt with a number of injuries to key players this offseason, and apparently we can add young outfielder Clint Frazier to that list.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone told reporters on Tuesday that Frazier has been dealing with a “foot issue” for several weeks. Boone indicated that it is not serious but said the team is being cautious with the 25-year-old leading up to the shortened season.

Any injury that impacts Frazier’s mobility would be a concern, as he is not exactly known for his fielding prowess. In fact, Frazier is viewed as a player who can contribute at the plate but is a major liability in the outfield. A foot injury would not help him in that department.

Frazier showed some power last season when he had 12 home runs, 14 doubles and 38 RBI in just 69 games. The career .254 hitter has had issues with the media over defensive struggles, but he is expected to be a part of the Yankees’ Opening Day lineup. It remains to be seen if the foot issue he’s dealing with will alter the team’s plans.

Stephen Jackson backs DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic comments, says ‘NFL owners are racist’

Stephen Jackson

Former NBA player and current Showtime host Stephen Jackson backed DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic Instagram posts in problematic social media postings on Tuesday.

Stephen Jackson, 42, played in the NBA from 2000-2014 and launched a digital show on Showtime with fellow former NBA player Matt Barnes last year called “All the Smoke.”

In a Twitter post on Tuesday, Stephen called NFL owners “racist” and said that was a fact. He also lamented that you can’t say anything about Jews or white people because it gets called “hate”. He said DeSean shouldn’t have to apologize for anything (DeSean issued two apologies on Tuesday).

“NFL owners are racist. Just the facts. U speak on anything involving Jews or Whites is hate. That say s– about us it’s kool. Fu- dat. I wouldnt apologize for s—. I love every race and can’t nobody say or tell me…,” Stephen wrote in a Twitter post (profanity edited by LBS).

Stephen Jackson’s tweet is troubling for numerous reasons.

One, he groups all owners together and makes a sweeping categorization about them. Two, he cites zero proof and shares a harmful, defamatory accusation without a shred of evidence.

Then, he seems to be complaining about what he believes is a double-standard that white people can say things about black people without punishment, while if a black person says something bad about Jews or white people, the speech is considered “hate.” He must have missed this story last month.

Putting that aside, the list of troubling issues with Jackson’s line of thinking continues.

He is more concerned that DeSean didn’t escape accountability for spreading anti-Semitic messages than about the fact that DeSean was spreading anti-Semitic messages. And much like how DeSean behaved at first, Stephen seems to not recognize what about DeSean’s messages were problematic. Why is that? Probably because he is consuming the same type of Louis Farrakhan Nation of Islam content as DeSean has been, as evidenced by them posting the same image on Instagram and Stephen showing off a book from Farrakhan, whose Nation of Islam has been categorized as a hate group.

If Stephen loves every race as he claims to, why would he endorse DeSean smearing Jews and saying they blackmail and extort America? Why would he be cool with DeSean quoting what he thought was Adolf Hitler when talking about Jews? Hitler is responsible for leading the Holocaust, which killed an estimated six million Jews in Europe, and is quite likely the biggest crime in human history.

How can Stephen possibly defend DeSean for espousing what he thought were Hitler’s thoughts and then complain when people call the message hateful? Furthermore, how can someone like Stephen, who has been at the forefront of demanding equality, defend someone for spreading a harmful and hateful message about a different group of people, and then lament being called out for it as a bad double-standard?

Stephen later posted a note on Instagram that further magnified his ignorance on the matter.

Stephen seems to be … arguing that black people should have the right to be bigots and trash others?

Put aside the fallacy of arguing that Jews, who were enslaved in Egypt and mass exterminated in the Holocaust, have not endured the “devastating” “hardships”.

The notion that Stephen is striving for equality in the realm of bigotry misses the whole point of an equality movement. Those seeking equality should be striving for Americans to receive equal rights as listed in the Constitution, and humans to receive basic human rights. We should never be striving to spread hate and a desire to escape consequences for doing so.

CC Sabathia jokes about ‘comeback’ after looking incredibly fit at Yankees camp

CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia is looking as fit as ever.

The New York Yankees shared a few photos of Sabathia at the team’s summer camp Tuesday, and the former ace looks incredible.

Sabathia even joked about a “comeback” when retweeting the Yankees’ photos.

Now 39, Sabathia was listed at 6-foot-6 and 300 pounds during his playing career. He experimented with slimming down during his career but actually experienced his worst ERA in 2013 and 2014 when he got skinny. He later decided that weighing around 300 pounds was ideal for his pitching career.

Sabathia is working with the Yankees as a special adviser. The six-time All-Star expressed his desire to be around the team and help out young players.

Steve Sarkisian undergoes successful heart procedure

Steve Sarkisian

Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian underwent a successful heart procedure recently to correct a congenital cardiovascular anomaly.

The heart anomaly was discovered during an annual executive physical last week, leading Sarkisian to undergo the procedure in Birmingham, Ala. on July 2. Alabama said in a statement that Sarkisian is expected to make a full recovery.

Sarkisian, 46, is in his second stint with Alabama. He began with them in 2016 as an offensive analyst and interim offensive coordinator after being ousted by USC for his alcohol issues. He served as the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons for two seasons and then returned to Alabama last year.

Andy Reid has no plans to retire from NFL any time soon

Andy Reid

Andy Reid has been in a head coach in the NFL since 1999, and he has no plans to retire any time soon.

Reid’s Kansas City Chiefs announced a major move on Monday when they signed Patrick Mahomes to a 10-year contract extension. Prior to signing, Mahomes wanted assurances that Reid would continue to stick around as the team’s head coach. Mahomes says the assurance from Reid played a big role in him signing.

“I haven’t gotten to that point mentally to where I’m thinking about retirement. I love doing what I’m doing,” Reid said via the Kansas City Star.

Reid is 62, so a 10-year contract for Mahomes would take the head coach into his 70s. That sounds good to the coach.

Reid capped his legacy in February when his Chiefs, quarterbacked by Mahomes, won the Super Bowl. He celebrated Mahomes’ extension in a funny way.

Long viewed as an offensive innovator and consistent winner, the lack of a Super Bowl was the only glaring hole on Reid’s likely Hall of Fame resume. Now he and Mahomes will have plenty more chances to win Super Bowls together over the ensuing years.

Evan Fournier, Troy Daniels give us early glimpse of NBA Bubble life

Evan Fournier

NBA teams are arriving in Orlando to enter the “bubble” in Disney World, where the 2020 season will be resumed. A few players have already given us a glimpse of what life will be like inside the bubble.

Troy Daniels, a guard with the Denver Nuggets, shared photos of what his first meal looked like. His photo only shows the appetizer portion of the menu for that meal.

The meal was mocked online, but Marc Stein reminds us that the meals change after quarantines are completed upon arriving in Orlando.

Orlando Magic guard Evan Fournier gave a tour of his hotel room at Disney World.

The Magic are staying at the Grand Floridian hotel.

Those part of the NBA “bubble” are expected to adhere to strict rules in order to avoid compromising the bubble and exposing people to the coronavirus.

Shohei Ohtani’s first pitching outing involved some ugly stats

Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani is planning to pitch and hit for the Los Angeles Angels this season. It will be his first time pitching in competitive games since September 2018, when he hurt his arm and later underwent Tommy John surgery.

Ohtani is working his way back and pitched in an intrasquad game on Tuesday. Angels reporter Trent Rush charted the outing and unofficially had Ohtani throwing just 15 strikes out of 50 pitches, with eight walks, six wild pitches and a hit-by-pitch.

Angels TV analyst Mark Gubicza said the focus should be on Ohtani’s health more than the results.

Ohtani also said he felt satisfied with where he was physically.

Though the stats might give some fans concern, it’s important to place them into context.

Ohtani has never performed well in spring training since joining the Angels. In 2018, he allowed nine hits and nine runs in 2.2 innings over two spring training outings. As a hitter, he’s batted just .118 (6/51) in two spring trainings.

If there is anything Ohtani has taught us, it’s that his poor practice stats shouldn’t raise too much concern.

Jadeveon Clowney more likely to end up back with Seahawks?

Jadeveon Clowney

Are the Seattle Seahawks the likely landing spot for Jadeveon Clowney in 2020? One reporter believes so.

Seattle Times Seahawks reporter Bob Condotta answered fan questions for a mailbag column he published on Tuesday. The first question he addressed had to do with whether Clowney would return to the team.

Condotta noted that the Cleveland Browns guaranteed the salary for Olivier Vernon, which likely takes them out of the running for Clowney. The Browns reportedly have had the highest offer for Clowney.

Condotta figures that the odds are “likely increasing he plays another year in Seattle with every other option that falls through.”

The thinking is that Clowney might feel comfortable returning to the team he played for last season and reentering free agency after the year. On Monday, a report said an AFC team had interest in signing Clowney, but it’s unclear whether that is feasible.

Clowney had 31 tackles, three sacks, four forced fumbles and an interception in 13 games last season for Seattle.

Saints WR Michael Thomas takes issue with league’s salary escrow proposal

Michael Thomas

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas was among the players who took issue with the NFL’s salary escrow proposal.

On Tuesday, NFL Media’s Tom Pelissero reported that the NFL proposed to have 35 percent of player salaries be held in escrow during the 2020 NFL season to help manage costs.

The NFLPA reportedly told the league to effectively “kick rocks” in response, saying such a proposal would have to be collectively bargained.

To give you an idea about league finances, the NFL generated about $16 billion in revenue in 2018. According to terms of the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement with the players, owners receive around 52 percent of football revenue, while the players receive around 48 percent.

Revenue will almost certainly drop if there is limited to no fan attendance in 2020, and it will likely drop if the season is shortened or unable to be completed in any way. A drop in football revenue would affect the players and owners, as the salary cap would accordingly be lowered.

The owners are looking for the players to work with them on the matter, but Thomas does not like the proposal.

Here is what he wrote in response on Twitter, saying it “has to be a joke.”

Eagles defensive back Darius Slay expressed issues with the proposal, saying they should get more money for playing amid the coronavirus.

This is similar to the issues MLB and the MLBPA had; the owners wanted some help from the players given the economic conditions, while the players did not want to take a pay cut. The NBA and NBPA agreed to a plan where the players would have 25 percent of their salaries withheld after May 1 to help owners meet expenses amid conditions of zero revenue. The aims of the league to resume the season later this month should allow players to recoup money that was withheld.

Mike Golic still under contract with ESPN despite no longer having radio show

Mike Golic Notre Dame

ESPN Radio now has a new programming lineup, one that does not include Mike Golic as a host for the first time since 2000.

Golic and Trey Wingo hosted a show called “Golic & Wingo” that began in November 2017. The show is not part of the network’s new programming schedule.

Golic remains under contract with ESPN despite no longer hosting a radio show for them. His future assignments are to-be-determined.

Golic, 57, received some tributes for his run as an ESPN Radio host. He began with ESPN Radio in October 1998.

Golic’s son, Mike Golic Jr., will remain with the network as a host in the afternoon along with Chiney Ogwumike.