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Thursday, February 23, 2017


Coming soon: A documentary about Brett Favre’s split with the Packers

In comparison with years past, the 2011 NFL season was relatively free of Brett Favre drama. When Favre began the season in retirement, there were very few who were convinced he would not return to football once a team in need came calling. When Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart both went down with injuries for the Texans, some rumors flew but nothing came to fruition. Fear not, Favre fanatics. The void left by the lack of a gunslinger return in 2011 is about to be filled with a documentary.

As Fox Sports North points out, a documentary film entitled “Last Day at Lambeau” is set to debut at the Wisconsin Film festival next month. Those of you who despise Favre will be relieved to hear that the film does not depict him as a hero, but rather tells the story of the ugly ending between him and Green Bay back in 2008. It highlights the way in which Favre forced the Packers hand and describes the details of the trade with New York.

Despite all that he accomplished during his career as the face of the Packers franchise, Favre’s last game with Green Bay and last game at Lambeau Field were career lowlights. In 2008, he threw an interception that led to a Giants game-winning field goal in the NFC Championship Game. In 2010 with the Vikings, he came up just short of leading Minnesota to a comeback over his old team after an incomplete pass that was intended for Randy Moss.

According to FS North, the film focuses more on the love-hate relationship that fans experience with their favorite players. It does not dive into the decision the Packers made to go with Aaron Rodgers, which was one of the toughest moves a team has ever had to make and one that worked out perfectly. Call me when the documentary about Rodgers debuts. That’s the one I’d rather see.

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Kevin Durant does not know why people view LeBron James as the bad guy

Over the past few days, LeBron James has ripped off a streak of positive headlines in the media. Typically he is everyone’s favorite villain, but between showing his support for Trayvon Martin and defying Heat security so some military personnel could take pictures with the team, King James has come across as a pretty standup guy as of late. One player who probably isn’t surprised by it is Kevin Durant, as Durant made it clear over the weekend that he doesn’t understand why LeBron is the “bad guy” in everybody’s eyes.

“Sometimes I don’t see why,” Durant said according to Royce Young when asked if he is the good guy to LeBron’s bad guy. “The man made a decision he wanted to make. He’s playing basketball and playing well. Sometimes I don’t see why people don’t like him too much. But as far as me and him being compared, I don’t know why either. I’m just being myself. Coming out and trying and be the best player I can be every time I step on the floor.”

The comparisons between Durant and LeBron are natural. For starters, both are superstars. However, Durant prefers to remain quiet most of the time and keep a low profile, whereas LeBron lives more of a rock-star lifestyle and seems to always find himself saying the wrong things. LeBron made a public spectacle out of choosing the Heat, while Durant hammered out an extension to remain with the Thunder in the privacy of his own home.

This isn’t the first time Durant has defended LeBron, and the fact that he has done so before further solidifies why K.D. is one of the more likeable players in the league. With LeBron, we often get the impression that being a celebrity is just as important as winning a championship. With Durant, it always seems like it’s about basketball.

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Teams play more than 110-hour basketball game to raise money for tornado recovery

With Missouri still recovering from the devastating tornado that ripped through Joplin more than 10 months ago, a group of basketball players decided to raise money for the relief effort in a unique way. At 4 p.m. on Sunday, two teams set a record for the longest continuous basketball game in history when they hit the 107-hour mark. According to the Joplin Globe, they were still on the court playing at 7 p.m. when they reached 110 hours.

The game, which took place at the St. Louis Athletic Club, raised more than $100,000 for the Joplin relief effort. At 7 p.m., Team Joplin was leading Team St. Louis, 11,588 to 11,506. St. Louis resident Steve Pona, who is a veteran of marathon hoops, organized the event with the help of fellow St. Louis resident Chuck Williams.

“Chuck Williams and I have played in two world record marathon baseball games and have raised about $250,000 for two St. Louis area charities,” Pona said. “When the tornado hit last year, we were immediately inspired and said, ‘We need to do another game.’ The timing worked out where the game fell right in the middle of March Madness, so we decided to play basketball.”


Box score says Tim Duncan did not play because he’s old (Picture)

That’s messed up. Doesn’t a four-time NBA champions and three-time Finals MVP get any respect around here? As you can see from the box score above that Hardwood Paroxysm shared with us, Tim Duncan did not dress for the Spurs game against the Sixers on Sunday. With an aging roster that is looking to make another Finals run, Gregg Popovich has to be careful about keeping his stars fresh for the playoffs. If that means giving someone like Duncan a night off, Pop has no problem doing that. Since Duncan does not have an actual injury, the folks over at decided to list him as a “DND – Old” for a while after the game had ended. The box score has since been changed to just “DND” next to Duncan’s name.

Why was Duncan wearing a suit on the sidelines and not a uniform on Sunday? Because he’s old. No need to blow his cover.

Giants owner takes a shot at the Jets for having a Tim Tebow press conference

Wherever Tim Tebow goes, the buzz will follow. As far as backup quarterbacks are concerned, Tebow is a solid option. From that standpoint, you can’t blame the Jets for bringing him in despite the media frenzy that goes along with it. If Mark Sanchez struggles or gets hurt, it will be nice to have a guy who has proven he can win games as an NFL starter waiting to be called upon. However, many believe that the Jets simply bought into Tebowmania for attention (see: Namath, Joe). According to the NY Daily News, Giants co-owner John Mara was recently asked if he thought New York was big enough for the Giants and Tebow. His response:

“I don’t know,” he said. “But the David Carr press conference will be tomorrow afternoon, too.”

If the Jets’ decision was based solely on football as their front office has insisted, the press conference would not be happening. By “introducing” a backup quarterback to the media, you’re simply feeding the beast. If I was Sanchez and the team brought in a new poster boy who was going to be listed behind me on the depth chart, I’d have some mixed emotions about it too.

On a side note, Mara’s comment must make David Carr feel pretty small. Mara was making fun of the Jets, but the way he said it is almost like, “yeah, okay, because we’d have a press conference for David Carr, right?” Carr knows he’s not Tebow, but if I was him I’d want to be left out of the heckling.

Photo Credit: Dale Zanine-US PRESSWIRE

Carnegie Deli creates Tim Tebow-inspired ‘Jetbow’ sandwich (Picture)

First Tim Tebow got a drink named after him in New York City and now he has food item named after him.

The famed Carnegie Deli in Manhattan created a “Jetbow” sandwich named after Tim Tebow and his new team, the Jets. The sandwich weighs around 3.5 pounds, comes on white bread, and contains roast beef, corn beef, pastrami, american cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Deli owner Sandy Levine says the sandwich would normally come on rye bread and be made with mustard and american cheese, but he changed the ingredients to make it more All-American to reflect Tim Tebow’s personality.

“We tailored it to the type of person he is,” Levine said.

The sandwich will cost $22.22 which is a dollar more than Tebow’s No. 15 jersey and Mark Sanchez’s No. 6 jersey, but with all four digits the same to make it more gimmicky. We heard the sandwich goes great with a No Sex on the Beach drink.

It’s been less than a week, but it’s pretty clear they’re going to love Tim Tebow in New York.

Photo Credit: Dale Zanine-US PRESSWIRE, Carnegie Deli

Tiger Woods favored to win the Masters

Is Tiger Woods back? If the odds are any indication, he certainly is.

Tiger shot a 13-under 275 to capture the Arnold Palmer Invitiational over the weekend, his first PGA Tour win since the 2009 sex scandal. Tiger actually went 923 days between PGA Tour wins; his previous victory was at the 2009 BMW Championship on Sept. 13, 2009 (he did win the Australian Masters two months later).

Thanks to his win at the Arnold Palmer, Tiger is now the favorite to win the Masters in two weeks.

Jeff Sherman, the golf oddsmaker at the Las Vegas Hilton sports book, set the following line for the major:

    – Tiger Woods 4:1
    – Rory McIlroy 5:1
    – Phil Mickelson 10:1

Tiger entered Sunday’s final round behind McIlroy as the Masters favorite, but that changed after he won the tournament. It looks like the public’s love affair with Tiger is back on.

Photo Credit: Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

LeBron James defies Heat security, fulfills photo requests from military personnel

The Heat were on their way from Miami to Portland to kick off a road trip a few weeks back when they had to stop at Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City to refuel. During the stopover, the Heat went to a terminal lounge to stretch their legs or perhaps grab a treat from Cinnabon.

That’s where about a dozen uniformed servicemen noticed the players and approached Heat security guards asking if they could snap some photos with LeBron James and Co. But the guards declined their request. (Evidently, the Heat’s security doesn’t mess around.)

Not if LeBron had anything to do with it. James overhead the pleas of the military helicopter pilots, who were also stopped over in OKC for refueling, and convinced the guards to let them through.

“Hey, hey,” LeBron said, according to the The Oklahoman. “Any of these military guys can take a picture with us.”

“Hey, everybody get up,” he said to his teammates. “Get in a circle here. Anybody that wants their picture taken with us, we’ll do it.”

When it was over and all the future Facebook photos were taken, the servicemen left stunned: “Can you believe that? Who would’ve ever thought?”

And based on the last few days, it looks like LeBron is doing just about all he can to shed the “villain” tag he despises. So, see? LeBron’s not such a bad guy after all. But I get the feeling Cleveland isn’t impressed.

Photo credit: Steve Mitchell, US Presswire

Jose Canseco wants to fight Warren Sapp

Jose Canseco, last seen being dropped from the Mexican League over a testosterone issue, is targeting ex-NFL player Warren Sapp for his next celebrity fight.

Canseco apparently heard about the whole Jeremy Shockey-Warren Sapp spat and gave Shockey one of his infamous Twitter hugs late Saturday night. He then followed that by asking on Twitter “Does Warren Sapp MMA?”

Sapp responded on Sunday, leading to a proposal from Canseco:

So Canseco is now eyeing Sapp as a tuneup for his proposed fight with Shaq. I’d offer some commentary, but let’s be fair here, who doesn’t Jose Canseco want to fight as long as it means decent money and extra publicity?

John Calipari after Anthony Davis’ knee injury: ‘Get up mama’s boy’

Kentucky forward Anthony Davis banged knees with Baylor’s Perry Jones during the second half of the NCAA tournament game between the teams Sunday. Davis, who is considered to be the top player in the country, went down in pain and limped to his team’s bench after the collision. Though he was in pain, he didn’t miss much time. Maybe it’s because of the ribbing he received from his coach.

“No, the guys told me [the collision] was knee-to-knee. And I said ‘Get up mama’s boy, you’re fine. Come on, let’s go,'” John Calipari told CBS after the game.

Davis didn’t like being the butt of the joke, so he told CBS the knee injury really hurt.

“When you get hit knee-to-knee, it really shows a lot of pain. It really hurted but I went to the bench, and my team told me ‘We need you.’ Coach Cal told me ‘You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine.’ And he kissed me on the forehead, and I feel a lot better,” Davis said.

I thought Calipari calling Davis “mama’s boy” was pretty funny, but what seems to be gaining the most attention is Davis’ poor grammar. Some people defended him and thought he said “I really hurt it,” but most people heard “It really hurted.” I listened to the comment about 10 times and heard “hurted” each time, though he’s so muffled it’s hard to tell what he’s saying. If Davis doesn’t have a grammatical problem, then he definitely needs to work on his enunciation. He’ll likely be a top player at the next level so he might as well begin improving on his interviewing skills.

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