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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Pete Carroll Must Have a Short Memory

jake-lockerIt’s fun to watch Pete Carroll and see the head games that he employs. Remember when he got pissed that Mark Sanchez declared for the pros early and he said Sanchez wasn’t ready? Not only does he look bad for that especially now that Sanchez looks really good, but he also realized how wrong he was and he started backtracking. He then explained his behavior saying he was “testing” Sanchez. I’m not sure who bought that because it was Carroll clearly trying to cover his tracks. Well Carroll used a similar tactic this week after suffering the upset loss to Washington (now you know why he was so pissed Sanchez was leaving). He tried to diminish the achievement by Washington by pumping them (specifically Jake Locker) up:

“I’m not saying [Locker] played the greatest game ever against us,” Carroll said chuckling. “I think the guy from Texas did. But I just think he’s one of the really, really fine complete athletes. I don’t know why I’m blowing him up all the time, but I just really like the guy.”

“I think this guy is the best quarterback we’ve played against,” Carroll said. “I thought Vince played the best game I’ve ever seen anybody ever play.”

Well to answer what Carroll’s thinking, here’s the logic: pump up Locker and Washington and then the loss no longer seems as bad. His goal is to get everyone to repeat his logic. Now don’t get me wrong here — Locker is a fine quarterback who is a huge part of Washington’s success, but to call him the best guy they’ve played against? Aside from the talented Kellen Clemens and Dennis Dixons they’ve faced, Aaron Rodgers to me would easily be the best quarterback they’ve played against. From what I remember, Rodgers led Cal to an upset win over USC and the next year took them down to the wire at the Coliseum, completing 20-something straight passes in the game. Like I said, he must have a short memory.

So That’s What He Had Stashed in the Unibrow …

It was a sad day on Wednesday when former Binghamton standout Emanuel “Tiki” Mayben was arrested for possession with intent to sell cocaine. You might better remember him as the guy who tried to make the unibrow famous in March Madness but failed when his team lost to Duke in the first round. Mayben was recruited to play at Syracuse out of high school but it never materialized because of grades. He played a season at UMass then went to Hudson Valley CC where they went 30-1, and he played last year at Binghamton.

There was actually an indictment from him selling several months ago as he was as part of an investigation of the cocaine game in Troy, New York. Mayben’s already been kicked off the team and we’ll probably never hear from him or Binghamton again. Let’s just hope the unibrow earns him cool points in jail.

Why Is South Carolina Beating Ole Miss Considered an Upset?

Mississippi SCarolina FootballIf you watched highlight shows or read about the Ole Miss/South Carolina game from Thursday night, you heard many people term the outcome “an upset.” If you go by the poll rankings it was an upset, but if you actually use common sense, you’ll see that this was just a predictable outcome. What we had on Thursday was a couple of average SEC teams squaring off. What’s generally the difference in those games? Home field and usually nothing more than a touchdown or field goal. So when Ole Miss goes to South Carolina and loses by six points, why on Earth would that be considered an upset? It shouldn’t be other than the jacked up poll system.

In reality, the polls shouldn’t be determined until after a month of the season. After about four games people should be able to judge teams much better than they would prior to the season. What really goes into determining preseason polls anyway? How a team finished the previous year and tradition of the program? That doesn’t seem to be a logical way to determine how strong a team is in the current season. Even the Ole Miss players were relieved not to have such a high ranking anymore because they knew it hadn’t been earned.

Answer me this, why aren’t Auburn, Iowa, or UCLA in the so-called Top 25? Because they were not expected to do well prior to the year? It’s total b.s. and it sucks that preseason expectations impact rankings once the year actually begins. And the way Ole Miss’ offense looked last night, it will be surprising if they don’t lose four games this year.

Enough of This Orlando Hudson Benching Garbage

orlando-hudson-dodgersThere have been two popular questions amongst Dodger fans lately. The first is when are they going to finally clinch the division? The second is where the heck has Orlando Hudson been lately? The O-Dog finally made his way into the lineup on Wednesday night after not playing in nearly a week. The only reason he got his named scratched onto Joe Torre’s card is because Casey Blake was resting, meaning Hudson’s usual fill-in, Ronnie Belliard, was playing the hot corner. Joe Torre recently explained Hudson’s absence as an opportunity to keep going with Belliard who had been hot and give Hudson some rest. Torre confirmed that sentiment on Wednesday prior to playing Hudson in the game. That’s what he might be saying, but we all know the real reason Hudson hasn’t been playing — the check book of Frank McCourt.

Orlando Hudson signed an incentive-laden deal with the Dodgers prior to the season. He had a 3.38 million base salary with the potential to hit over $4 million more based on how much he played. This was critical because Hudson was coming off a big surgery on his hand and nobody was sure how much (and how well) he’d be able to play. Hitting those bonuses would be just that for both parties — a bonus they’d be happy to see him reach. Apparently that’s not the case for Dodger owner Frank McCourt who has had to pay over $4 million in bonuses to the O-Dog. Now that Hudson’s cracked 575 plate appearances for the year (all the while helping the Dodgers become the best team in the NL), he hit a clause in his contract that stipulates he’ll earn $10,000 for every single plate appearance he makes. What does that mean? Benching Hudson saves McCourt $40k a game.

Even if Hudson isn’t swinging it too well there isn’t a person in baseball who would agree that Ronnie Belliard is a better player, especially considering how strong of a glove Hudson is at second. If it’s just about giving the guy rest, how come Kemp, Manny, Ethier, or Martin aren’t sitting more often in favor of the more-than-capable Juan Pierre or Brad Ausmus? The answer is pretty simple — those guys aren’t making $10k per plate appearance the way Hudson is. Torre’s actually the poor messenger here trying to carry out the bosses orders with the best possible responses. No other logic explains why you would consistently bench a gold-glover when you’re trying to clinch a playoff spot. And if he’s not swinging it well, isn’t the idea to have him hit his way out of the slump now before the playoffs start? I guess not, why would winning matter when precious dollars are at stake? Get the O-Dog back in there, this is a sorry excuse.

Zack Greinke Ends the Cy Young Debate

With less than two weeks left in the regular season, most starters figure to get only two more outings in the year, if that. Baseball has also continued its trend of not having pitchers win many games considering only CC Sabathia and Adam Wainwright have a shot at 20 wins (both have 18). So coming off a win against the Red Sox last night, Zack Greinke solidified his position as the Cy Young winner in the AL.

Greinke pitched six scoreless two-hit innings to continue his stretch of five straight brilliant starts in which he has a 0.25 ERA and 32 strikeouts against just eight walks. Prior to that five outing stretch, Greinke struck out 15 Indians in a 6-2 win. He has been by far the best pitcher in baseball this year there shouldn’t even be an argument. But since there is one, let’s list all the reasons why he should be the undisputed winner.

Greinke’s 2.08 ERA is not just the best in the AL, it’s the best in all of baseball, by a strong margin. His WHIP is tops in the AL, he’s second to Justin Verlander in strikeouts, second to Roy Halladay in complete games, and the only pitcher in baseball with three shutouts. Yes Greinke’s win-loss record isn’t stellar at 15-8, but consider that the Royals are the 5th worst team in MLB and nobody else has a standout record that blows you away.

In the end, you really shouldn’t have to look farther than Greinke’s super-low 2.08 ERA to know that he’s the Cy Young winner. Consider that John Smoltz, Brad Penny, and Cliff Lee all looked much better and posted strong statistics upon changing from the AL to the NL and you can see how much more difficult it is to pitch in the AL. Forget how few wins Greinke has — he is the best pitcher in baseball this year.

Jennifer Garner Recites Red Sox Lineup on Jay Leno

Jennifer Garner Jay LenoMaybe Jay Leno has a new feature as part of his new show in the 10pm timeslot. With Jennifer Garner on as a guest to promote her upcoming movie, Leno debuted a bit called “Earn Your Plug” where he made Garner go through a challenge in order to promote her movie. Knowing that her husband Ben Affleck is a Red Sox fan, Leno decided to test Garner’s knowledge of the BoSox. Leno had her put on a Yankees hat and hold a picture of Derek Jeter while naming the Red Sox starting lineup. Garner played along quite well and showed off her knowledge.

First, Garner earned some points with the Boston crowd by turning the Yankees hat backwards and holding the Jeter picture perpendicular to the camera. She also tried to really impress Leno by asking if he wanted their lineup from the series against Baltimore this past weekend or the one they have now with the Royals. Either way, Garner ran through the Red Sox lineup but made a screwup at the three-hole, naming “Alex Gonzalez” the catcher, saying she was more of a Varitek girl. Clearly she meant to say Victor Martinez because she correctly named Gonzalez the 9 hitter when she finished. Jennifer also gave MIke Lowell a nice compliment saying he looked like George Clooney. Now if you’ll ask me it sure seemed like she was prepped for the gag but credit her for acting well and at least throwing in a few comments that indicated she knew more than just names. Ben was done proud.

Here’s the video:

Fitzgerald’s Brother Says Larry Is Pissed Kurt Warner Didn’t Throw to Him More

88971925SG037_ARIZONA_CARDIQuick, what’s the difference between Terrell Owens complaining and Larry Fitzgerald complaining? Answer: T.O. does it publicly and blames the coaches and/or the quarterback while Fitzgerald apparently says it privately to his family. Pro Football Talk explained that Larry’s brother, Marcus Fitzgerald, was tweeting about the Cardinals game on Sunday, saying he was upset his brother didn’t get thrown the ball more against the Jaguars. According to tweleted, here are the exact tweets before Marcus deleted them, realizing he screwed up:

Kurt warner needs 2 stop bein a scary ass & throw the ball deep 2 my brother!damn this is annoying 2 watch!he throws 2 the rb’s 2 damn much! – Sun, 20 Sep 2009 18:44:43

kurt warner plays like a damn 80 year old! my brother just texted me during halftime pissed off – Sun, 20 Sep 2009 18:48:37

Just got off the phone with my brother.he’s happy about the win. But PISSED he didnt get the ball thrown 2 him much! – Sun, 20 Sep 2009 21:36:11

Larry’s probably about ready to strangle his brother now for making those comments public consider this might alter people’s perception that Larry is a cleancut, team-first guy, not to mention ruffle some feathers in the locker room. Here’s the thing: the Jags clearly decided they weren’t going to let Fitz beat them and they gave him plenty of defensive attention. Warner obviously took what he was given and threw mostly short passes to rack up a 24/26 record-setting day. I can understand why Fitzgerald was pissed even though they won. He’s already proven that he can beat extra coverage and he probably doesn’t want another Super Bowl where they don’t get the ball to him until the very end. The thing is Larry’s smart enough to not pout on the field or make his comments to the media. That’s the way matters should be handled. For the record, Fitzgerald had 4 catches for 34 yards and a touchdown.

Who Actually Thought the Milton Bradley Signing Would End Well?

If you had to break down worst baseball signings in the past 10 years or so, the contract the Cubs gave Milton Bradley would have to be up there. Now that’s not to say that Milton Bradley’s a bad ballplayer, but let me ask this: upon hearing the news that the Cubs had signed Bradley, who actually thought to themselves, “Wow, Bradley to the Cubs for three years? Great move. That is the piece they’re missing.” Honestly, I don’t understand what Jim Hendry was doing when he made that commitment. We even called this one back in March when Milton proclaimed that he was the reason the Cubs would win the NL Central. The only surprise is that Milton couldn’t even make it through his first season with the team before things went haywire. Matter of conjecture, this signing probably is the cherry on top of Hendry’s firing sundae.

Let’s think of all the bad reasons for making this deal. For one, the Cubs were overreacting to a playoff sweep by the Dodgers last year and decided they NEEDED to have a left-handed bat in their lineup. Considering Fukudome isn’t really working out, that’s a fine conclusion. The problem is that Hendry and Piniella decided that Milton Bradley was their guy and they needed to award him a three-year guaranteed contract to prove it. They ignored the fact that Raul Ibanez, Adam Dunn, and Bobby Abreu are all left-handed bats who were on the free agent market. Even if the Cubs preferred Bradley to the alternatives, which is fine, they had no reason to give him a third year considering the market was so weak Dunn and Abreu got two and one year deals, respectively. They totally overpaid for Bradley when they had absolutely no reason to — that was terrible business.

Next, consider they gave a three-year deal to Bradley who has had an attitude issue at every single stop he’s ever made — Cleveland, LA, San Diego, Texas, Oakland, you name it — and that he misses more games than J.D. Drew. Who was Hendry trying to please more, Cubs fans or Dr. Phil? It was just such a bad move business-wise there was no reason to believe it would ever end well. It would be like Buffalo giving T.O. a three-year deal after he got cut by Dallas when hardly anyone else wanted him. I just can’t understand what the Cubs were doing but I really am surprised it has come to an end so soon. Now they’re going to have to eat almost all of his contract just to get rid of him? Here’s when you take a chance on the guy. Just make sure you only need 300 at-bats out of him because that’s about his max.

Who Owns $400,000 Worth of Jewelry?

Donte WhitnerFirst off, let’s make this clear: nobody deserves to get robbed. Secondly, what kind of jerkoffs wait for a moment when they know a guy’s going to be gone playing in a game to rob him? How weak is that? Well I guess that’s exactly how they all do it, but anyway, it’s pretty hard to lose almost half a million dollars worth of jewelry if you never own $400,000 worth of jewelry in the first place. Maybe Bills DB Donte Whitner, who was robbed of that amount while he was away at his game Sunday, has learned his lesson the hard way.

You just have to hope the guys who robbed him aren’t fans considering Whitner had a pick six at the beginning of the game to help Buffalo build a big lead. I’m actually quite pleased about that because Buffalo’s big lead early forced Tampa to throw the rest of the game to try and come back. Since I have Kellen Winslow as my tight end in the Yardbarker Coors Light fantasy football league, all the throwing helped K2 rack up stats and it led me to a big win. The ironic aspect to this story is that there was an article floating around last week about NFL players having financial problems following retirement. Gee, when you’re wasting $400,000 on jewelry, it’s easy to see why. Hey Donte, ever try a savings account?

Somebody Just Lost Their Tuition Money

A few weeks ago Clemson lost on national TV to Georgia Tech but most of the sports world was watching the Titans and Steelers kick off the season. We’ve already touched on the bogus holding call that really screwed Clemson towards the end of the game. No doubt that call pissed a lot of Clemson fans off, but nobody may have been more upset with the outcome of the game than this Clemson fan right here.

Yes, that was Chris Fowler, Chris James, and Jesse Palmer making fun of the kid off-air. Something tells me it wasn’t just the holding call that had him pissed off. Thanks to Hot Clicks for passing along the video.

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